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There are many issues, situations, and behaviors that can impact your academic performance. When academically difficulties are present, it is not uncommon for procrastination and perfectionism to occur. Substance use and chronic stress may also be involved.

Being successful at James Madison University involves making sure that your study habits are efficient and effective. Whenever you are faced with a new environment or new material, you may need to tweak your study skills. There may be situations, where what you normally do isn't working and you need to learn new strategies.

Make sure to check the JMU Academic calendar for an overview of all important campus-wide dates. However, there is also a summary handout of important academic deadlines from the Registrar.

What You Can Do If You Are Having Academic Difficulties

Take this anonymous self-assessment to see if there are any mental health symptoms present. Sometimes mental health symptoms, like anxiety and depression, result in academic difficulties. However, they can also be symptoms related to poor academic performance. For example, someone with chronic and excessive worry might find it very difficult to concentrate. For another student, recently failing a class, may result in excessive anxiety for the first time in their life.

Academic Assistance

JMU provides some incredibly helpful resources to make sure that you receive the support you need to be academically successful. You can get free individual academic coaching and free tutoring in the Student Success Center. If you are a first-year student, you can get academic support through Residence Life. Alternatively, if you work better with others around, you can study in a group led by a student who has already successfully completed the course. Academic accommodations can be arranged for those with documentation of a diagnosed disability. You can also get resources for picking or changing a major, resume writing, and interview skills through Career and Academic Planning. Other options that you could consider are below.

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