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University Withdrawal

The withdraw process at JMU begins when the student (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctoral) makes their initial request by submitting an electronic form to the Office of the Registrar (Non-Return/Leave of Absence Notice) to declare their intent to withdraw. 

If you wish to formally withdrawal from the University, please contact these offices PRIOR to completing the withdrawal or cancellation form. If you are not affiliated with any of these student groups, proceed with the withdrawal process by clicking the appropriate picture at the bottom of this webpage (Current Students or Incoming Students). Failure to complete the correct form to notify JMU of your cancellation/withdrawal may result in delays. Contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions about which form to complete.

Veteran’s Benefits
Phone: 540-568-6281, option #3
Location: Student Success Center, 5th Floor (within the Office of the Registrar)

Contact a Veteran’s Benefits representative to discuss your current benefits, and make sure there are no implications with withdrawing from the University.

International Students
Phone: 540-568-5209
Location: Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall), 2nd Floor (within the Center for Global Engagement Office)

Contact the International Student and Scholar Services team to discuss your withdrawal from JMU as students on F and J visas will lose the JMU sponsorship of their immigration status in the US.

Student Athletes
Phone: 540-568-7357
Contact Name: Stephen LaPorta
Location: Godwin Hall, Room 141

Contact the Athletics Compliance Office to talk about withdrawing from JMU and any implications it may have on your scholarship and/or your NCAA eligibility at JMU, or the new institution to which you are transferring.

Study Abroad
Phone: 540-568-5209
Location: Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall), 2nd Floor

Contact the Center for Global Engagement to complete the JMU External Program Application. Students completing coursework abroad while away from JMU must also secure approval from faculty evaluators by submitting the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Approval Form


Other Information Regarding Your Withdrawal:

When processing your withdrawal request, the date the form is submitted to the Office of the Registrar is the effective date for your withdrawal when dropping classes.

Some instructors that use Canvas may not always update their class rosters after a student withdraws—therefore, you may continue receiving emails/notifications from the instructor, or Canvas. If you have received confirmation from the Office of the Registrar that the withdrawal has been processed, you can assure your classes have been dropped/withdrawn. You can ignore any emails sent to you from Canvas, and you may contact any instructors to inform them that you have left JMU.

It is recommended that you save a PDF version of your unofficial transcript before you leave the University. Once your MyMadison account is disabled, you will NOT be able to access your unofficial transcript, and you will need to request your official transcript.

If you need to request your official transcript, you will go to and click on the “Request a Transcript” picture. In the gray box at the top, click on the “Order My Transcript” link—this will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse website to request your official transcript.

Coming Back to JMU in the Future?

If you are a current student, and plan to return to JMU in the future, please review this website regarding your re-entry:

If you are an incoming student, and plan to attend JMU at a later date, contact the Office of Admissions to request a deferral/gap year. If you are an incoming student, and no longer plan to attend JMU, please complete the Freshman/Transfer Cancellation Notice under the “Incoming Students” picture.

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