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JMU may accept college credit that is earned while a student is concurrently enrolled in high school.  Courses taken in this manner are referred to as Dual Enrollment courses. Students should submit an official transcript from the college or university that offered their dual enrollment courses. Dual Enrollment credit cannot be awarded from a high school transcript.

To view currently accepted courses, please visit the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide through Transferology.

  • Credits are accepted from institutions that are recognized by a regional accrediting body.
  • Each course taken at another institution will be evaluated individually.
  • Credit will be allowed only for courses in which a grade of “C” or better has been earned. A “C-“ will not transfer.
  • Courses are evaluated by reviewing the course content regardless of the mode of instruction.
  • Transfer credit will be earned for courses in which you have earned a grade of "C" or better, but your grade point average for those courses does not transfer to your JMU record. 
  • Courses from your prior institution may not show on your Tranfser Credit: Report if:
    • We have not recevied a transcript from the college or university.
    • The course is still under review by a department evaluator.
    • The course was denied based on a remedial, developmental or vocational status
    • The course was listed on your transcript without a grade.
    • The course was denied based on a grade of C- or lower.
  • If you believe a OOO elective course listed on your Transfer Credit: Report is equivalent to another course at JMU, please submit a Transfer Credit Re-evaluation Form along with a course syllabus to the Office of the Registrar for consideration. All Re-evaluation forms must be accompanied by a syllabus. Forms received without a syllabus will automatically be denied.

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