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Our process for sending official transcripts has changed and it is now handled via the National Student Clearinghouse.



Current students may order their official transcript through MyMadison. In addition to Immediate Processing, Hold for Grades and Hold for Degree are now available through MyMadison.

If you are an ALUMNI or FORMER STUDENT please click here.

Important Transcript Ordering Information:

Delivery Timeframe for Mailed Transcripts:

  • James Madison University only releases official transcripts.
  • Transcripts are processed at a cost beginning at $5.00 per transcript plus shipping and handling for mailed transcripts not using the US mail option.  If you are choosing an expedited option, please know fees may have increased.
  • All transcript requests must be placed through our NSC online order system.
  • The official transcript sent via mail delivery option may look slightly different from one that is printed directly at our office. The document is still official and authentic because it is printed on a special transcript paper with security features.
  • All transcripts are processed within five business days of the receipt of the order.
  • The National Student Clearinghouse website is accessible through Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). You may experience compatibility issues using other browsers.
General Questions

If you receive a 403 ERROR when accessing Transcript Ordering, National Student Clearinghouse does block certain countries per the US governments’ guidance on security.  You will need to email or call NSC customer service at, 703-742-4200 or with your email, IP address and country.  They can then attempt to unblock you so you may place an order.

  • Scan and save your document as a PDF. Upload PDF when you request transcript on National Student Clearinghouse website.
  • Only approved attachments will be sent with transcripts. If your document is not required for transcript processing, the attachment will not be sent. (Example of approved forms: LSAC, AMCAS, Professional Certification Form, UPS Label)
  • Be advised: Pursuing this option does NOT reduce processing time. All transcript requests are processed within five business days.
  •  Select the appropriate shipping method through the transcript ordering process
  • If you are choosing an expedited option, please know fees may have increased.

If you attended JMU at any time prior to Fall 1995, your student record is in a format that is not compatible with electronic delivery.

Any student who has attended JMU since Fall 1995 may request to have a transcript sent electronically. Before ordering, contact the recipient to determine if they will accept an electronic transcript in their email.

No transcript will be furnished to anyone who has a hold on their account.  If you’ve already placed an order, please ensure your hold is cleared within 30 days or the order will be cancelled.

The National Student Clearinghouse is a third party vendor that is used to collect transcript order information. They deliver the order information to JMU, where we verify a student’s identity using the information supplied. The Clearinghouse does not capture the social security number (SSN) for transcript request purposes. Your academic record travels through the third party vendor only if you request an electronic transcript. The transcript is sent using a secure server and is protected behind a secure site accessible only by the intended recipients who must authenticate their identity with a username and password.

The information that is collected through the online request is used for fulfilling your transcript request only. It will not be used for any other purposes, unless you indicate so.

Transcript Questions

You can order your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse online ordering system.  National Student Clearinghouse

There is a $5.00 transcript fee per transcript plus shipping and handling for mailed transcripts not using the US mail option.

Once you are in the National Student Clearinghouse order site, you will look for the page “Select Transcript and Delivery Details”.  You will choose “Myself” and the next screen will allow you to choose “Hold for Pickup”

 You may select the preferred shipping option through the transcript ordering process.

You have the opportunity to provide your SSN if you do not remember your student ID.

Please provide the information to the best of your knowledge.  You will be contacted if there are further questions.

Yes, you are required to provide a mailing address as well as an email address in case your record is not compatible with electronic delivery.

Only required transcript processing forms can be sent with the transcript.  JMU staff will review each document before it is sent with the transcript.  If the document is not required by the recipient, it will not be sent with the transcript.

  • Now Your transcript will be processed as soon as possible.  All transcripts will be processed within five business days of the receipt of order.
  • After Degree is Awarded Your transcript order will be held until your degree has been conferred after graduation, then it will be processed and sent to your requested recipient.  Please be sure you are entering the correct Term (spring, summer, fall), Year and Degree (BA, BS, etc.) or there may be errors while processing your order.  THIS REQUEST IS ONLY FOR CURRENT TERMS, FUTURE TERMS DO NOT APPLY.
  • After Grades are Posted – Your transcript order will be held until grades have posted at the end of the semester.  However, if an instructor has missed their grading deadline a grade of NR will be recorded and the transcript order will be processed. This does not include Mid Term, Exam or Certificate Grades. THIS REQUEST IS ONLY FOR CURRENT TERMS, FUTURE TERMS DO NOT APPLY.

Under federal law, the University must have a release each time a transcript is sent.  If consent is not received, the transcript will not be processed. 

Yes, the electronic transcript is username and password protected even when saved to your computer. 

Please see these directions.

If you need to obtain the Apostille Seal, please complete the online request form via NSC.  You will need to upload a document on the second page of the online request form, asking the transcript be prepared for the Apostille Seal.  The Office of the Registrar will take the necessary steps to prepare the transcript and return it to you for your Apostille Seal application.

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