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College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Effective Fall 2024, students who participated in the College-Level Examination Program may be awarded course credit that satisfies a General Education requirement or elective. Prospective students who complete CLEP examinations and achieve an appropriate score (usually a 50 or above) are eligible to earn college credit. Evaluation of credit will be performed by University Studies in coordination with the appropriate departmental office and cannot be appealed.

JMU will accept these scores electronically from the testing agency. Please contact College Board for information on providing your exam results to JMU. More information can be found at 


College-Level Examination Charts

A chart indicating equivalencies will be provided in the 2024-2025 course catalog. Please note that the accepted equivalent is different depending on the year in which you completed your testing. Test equivalencies are reviewed annually by academic units and cannot be appealed.

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