Will my courses transfer?

 Use the Transfer Credit Equivalency guide below to determine which courses are currently accepted.


Disclaimer: Course equivalencies are subject to change. Reports created using Transferology are considered unofficial evaluations. For assistance, please refer to the Transferology Student User Guide.

University Advisors, Affiliates, and High School Counselors should access the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide by clicking here.


We encourage students to share their transfer plan with their academic advisor prior to enrolling in courses outside of JMU. For information about how transferred courses may apply to specific JMU programs/majors, please visit the Transfer Advising website

Official transcripts* can be sent either via postal mail or by using a verified credential service:

JMU Office of the Registrar
Transfer Credit Services
738 S. Mason St. MSC 3528
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807


*Please note that transcripts in unsealed envelopes, emailed pdfs, and scanned copies will not accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Current JMU students wishing to transfer credit back to JMU must submit an Intent to Transfer Credit Form. Upon completion of your course, contact the transfer insitution to request an official transcript be sent to the JMU Office of the Registrar.
  • If your situation requires a Transfer Credit Approval Form, please allow 5-7 business days for your form to be processed. During high volume periods (March-May), it can take up to two weeks to receive final approval. All forms are returned to the student through their dukes email account upon completion. 
The Transfer Credit Report is accessible to any JMU student with access to MyMadison. The report shows any transfer courses you've reported and how we've accepted them at JMU. For more information, please refer to our Transfer Credit Report tutorial here.

To view your transfer credit report:

  1. Log into MyMadison
  2. Click on Student Center
  3. Select the Transfer Credit: Report option under the other academic drop down menu.

Some transfer institutions use a third-party credential service called Parchment to send and receive official records. If your institution has requested you use Parchment to send your transcript to JMU, please select the Office of the Registrar (Current JMU Student) option as the recipient. If you don't see this option, try expanding out the See All Results section. You can also use the Enter Your Own button to submit your transcript directly to us at transfer_credit@jmu.edu.




Check the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide to see accepted courses before enrolling. If you are currently attending JMU, you must submit an Intent to Transfer Credit Form to the Office of the Registrar.

Any current JMU student wishing to transfer credit back to JMU should submit an Intent to Transfer Credit form unless:

  • You are taking courses through a Study Aboard experience
  • You are not in good academic standing. Dean-level approval is required
  • You want to take courses that are not listed in the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide above.

If any of the three above scenarios apply to you, please sumbit the Transfer Credit Approval Form directly to the Office of the Registrar at transfer_credit@jmu.edu

Yes! Courses taken in this manner are referred to as dual enrollment courses. Students should submit an official transcript from the regionally accredited college or university that offered their dual enrollment courses. Credit cannot be awarded from a high school transcript. You must receive a grade of "C" or better in order to be awarded credit. 

No, the letter grades earned for transfer course work will not appear on the JMU transcript nor will they be included in the JMU cumulative grade point average. Please review your undergraduate catalog for the year in which you first enrolled at JMU to see how transfer credit and corresponding grades apply to JMU graduation honors.

If an official transcript has been received, students may check their unofficial transcript or Transfer Credit Report on MyMadison to see if the transfer credit has been awarded. Credit typically takes between 7-14 business days to reflect on your JMU record. 

Students who wish to repeat a course at JMU that they have already received test credit (such as AP exams) or transfer credit for previoulsy, may do so for grade with the following stipulations:

  • The test or transfer credit will remain on the JMU record until the end of the term in which the class is being repeated.  If the student earns a grade of “D-“ or higher at JMU, the test or transfer credit will be removed permanently from the JMU record once that grade is posted. If the student earns a grade of “F“, “W”, “WP”, or “WF”, the test or transfer credit will remain on the academic record.
  • Students will not need to select a repeat code for a repeat attempt of a class for which credit has been received via test or transfer.  Repeat Credit or Repeat/Forgiveness options are to be used when a student chooses to repeat a class that the student enrolled in and completed at JMU.
  • Students who have transferred credit from a non-undergraduate JMU career (i.e. CE) to an undergraduate JMU career, and wish to repeat that class in the undergraduate career at JMU, may do so for grade with the following stipulations:
    • The graded CE transfer credit will remain on the JMU undergraduate record until the end of the term in which the class is being repeated.  If the student earns a grade of “D-“ or higher for the repeat attempt, the graded transfer credit will be removed permanently from the undergraduate JMU record once the repeat grade is posted. If the student earns a grade of “F“, “W”, “WP”, or “WF”, the graded transfer credit will remain on the undergraduate JMU academic record. 

The following courses are not transferable for credit:

  • Courses graded as Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
  • Courses that are technical and/or vocational in nature.
  • Remedial, Developmental, and/or sub-college courses that are usually taken to remove a high school deficiency or to remedy inadequate preparation for college-level work in a specific discipline.
  • Courses in which a comparable discipline is not available at JMU.
  • Courses in which the transfer institution granted departmental or school examination credit.

Students who are withdrawing from JMU and wish to transfer their JMU credit to another institution should order an official JMU transcript to be sent to that institution. Other information for leaving JMU can be found on our website here.

James Madison University recognizes and values the experience of our students who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. military.

  • The JMU Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide can be used to determine the credit you may receive based on your prior credit and military experience earned from the Joint Services Transcript (JST; listed under American Council on Education [ACE]) and Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). The Office of the Registrar will formally evaluate military training and experience for admitted and enrolled students who submit the official transcript directly to JMU.
  • If a servicemember/Veteran does not have a JST or CCAF, they may provide their DD-214 for credit evaluation based on the length of their active duty service. 
    • Less than 1 year of active duty service = 3 credits of university elective
    • 1 year or more of active duty service = 6 credits of university elective
  • For more information on types of accepted credit, please visit https://www.jmu.edu/registrar/veterans/transfercredit.shtml

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