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  • As early in the semester as possible, preferably not later than the end of the first two weeks of the semester, you should initiate contact with the Office of Disability Services to request accommodations.

  • Recommendations from documentation and consultation with the student are both used to determine accommodations.

  • Final determination of accommodations rests with the university.

  • It is your (the student's) responsibility to take the Access Plan to your professors, meet with them privately, raise their level of understanding of your strengths and disability, and work out the logistics of providing the approved accommodation. Since the primary relationship in the learning process is with the professor, we strongly encourage you to take the initiative within the first two weeks of the semester, or earlier, as appropriate, to develop that relationship.

If difficulties occur in the actual provision of approved accommodations and you are unsuccessful in resolving those issues, then you may appeal to ODS and request assistance with securing the appropriate accommodations. Appeals and requests for assistance should be made as soon as any difficulties arise. ODS will work with both the student and the faculty member or department to arrive at an appropriate resolve.


To request your Access Plans for the current semester with the accommodations that have already been approved, email Disability Services.

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