A screening is a two hour interview looking at a broad range of historical, academic, study habits/skills, academic frustrations and emotional components. The screening will not yield a diagnosis, rather, it assists in the decision making process for recommending the next step.

To schedule a screening or request additional information please contact:

The Office of Disability Services
Screening and Referral Graduate Assistant
Student Success Center, Suite 1202

Is my screening confidential?

All information is confidential, unless you sign a release, indicate intent of harming yourself or others, indicate past or present child abuse, or indicate a medical emergency.

How do I get tested?

If you are frustrated with your learning, scheduling a screening and referral appointment may be helpful. You will be asked to complete the above packet of paperwork before scheduling an appointment.

What happens after the screening?

A follow up meeting will be scheduled to discuss recommendations made by the interprofessional committee. Recommendations may include referral for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment (i.e. testing) at the Interprofessional Services for Learning Assessment (ISLA) Clinic or with other qualified diagnosticians. Referrals to other JMU resources may also be provided. If you are not a candidate for testing, the screening process ends at this point.

What do I do if I am not a candidate for testing?

You will be encouraged to seek out and utilize existing university resources such as the Learning Centers, Learning Strategies Instruction (LSI), or the Counseling Center.

What is involved in assessment through ISLA?

If you are a candidate for testing with ISLA, a case manager can be assigned to provide support through the process. You will be given tests of cognitive functioning, achievement, symptoms check-list, information processing, and personality characteristics. These are standardized tests administered one-on-one. Cost is $600.00 for a standard psycho-educational battery. Neuropsychological testing is also available to students. You will be given tests that measure difficulties in cognitive functioning that may be a result of some sort of brain damage or injury. Cost is $850 for a neuropsychological battery.

What can I do to prepare for the assessment?

  • Arrive for your appointment on time
  • Be well-rested and comfortable
  • Be ready to do your best
  • Eat beforehand since testing sessions last up to four hours
  • Do not spend time studying: it is neither recommended nor required
  • If you are on prescription medication, take or bring your medication so your condition(s) will not detract from the session.
  • If you require eyeglasses, etc., bring them to the testing session.
  • Refrain from using alcohol and/or illegal drugs before testing sessions.

How long will I wait on the waiting list for an assessment?

Since the demand is high for assessments, you may be placed on a waiting list. The time on the waitlist varies greatly depending on the time of year, demand for services and staffing available in the department. Contact ISLA if you have questions about the current expected length of time on the waitlist. 

Can I get tested anywhere else?

For a list of psychologists, view the referral sources PDF for more information.

When should I expect results?

Results are typically given in three to four weeks after the testing is completed.

What will be in the report?

The report will include a reason for referral, tests administered, brief background information, relevant behavior observations, major findings, and recommendations. A diagnosis, if given, will be in the major findings sections.

What happens if I am diagnosed with a disability?

If you receive a diagnosis and you need to request accommodations due to the functional limitations identified, you should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to discuss learning support services and accommodations. Visit the ODS website for more information about getting started.  You must submit a copy of your assessment report to Disability Services prior to registering for services. See Allow approximately two weeks after submission of your report for the staff to review your file and schedule a registration appointment.


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