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If you are a student with a disability and you plan to travel abroad, the Office of Disability Services encourages you to do some research about the country and plan ahead for accessibility concerns.

If you use Accommodation Letters for accommodations in classes at JMU, and if you request it, ODS can write a letter to the coordinator of the program you plan to attend asking for accommodations. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act does not apply in other countries and the availability of accommodations depends upon the program coordinator and the laws and services of the country.

Plan ahead. If you need to ask ODS for a letter to your program coordinator, allow at least two weeks for review of your file and writing the letter. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the following Form:Consent for the Release and Exchange of Information between ODS and Designated Parties
  2. Complete this form with the information about your study abroad program, specifically include the name and contact information of the Coordinator for your program. Also include information about your request. What do you want ODS to share with the Coordinator?
  3. Submit this to ODS via a supplemental request and allow 15 business days for staff members to review your file and write the necessary communication.
  4. ODS will return the letter to you. You are responsible for sharing it with the Coordinator of your program.
  5. ODS is not responsible for ensuring this documentation or material meets criteria for other agencies or institutions.

For more information about international travel for people with disabilities, visit Mobility International USA.

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