The Office of Disability Services (ODS) collaborates with the JMU community providing programs and support services that promote and advocate for accessibility to create inclusive, equitable environments that value disability, diversity and social justice.

To be a strategic campus partner in leading and uniting the JMU community in creating a culture of systemic access through intentional holistic design.


  • Access: We view access as a direct and urgent need to help dismantle current and historical barriers faced by marginalized groups, including people with disabilities. 
  • Universal Design: We promote this inclusive and intentional philosophy to support design of equitable experiences and learning spaces for all. 
  • Ethical Integrity: We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical reasoning and support for academic integrity as a foundation for building and maintaining trusting relationships. 
  • Innovation: We explore new ways to solve problems and create accessibility solutions.  
  • Collaboration: We partner with the university community to protect both academic quality and equitable access. 
  • Self-determination: We support the autonomy of students and promote the development of self-advocacy. 
  • Student-focus: We center our services around students to best support their needs and rights. 


Confidentiality Statement

All information obtained in diagnostic and medical reports will be maintained and used in accordance with applicable confidentiality requirements. All contact information and documentation received in Disability Services is kept in separate confidential files within the office.

No information concerning inquiries about accommodations or documentation will be released without written consent by the student.

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