The schedule of official university holidays is established annually. The university is granted 12 holidays a year by the Department of Human Resource Management. Unless otherwise noted, holidays are granted in 8-hour increments. Additional time off may be granted by the Governor or the President of the university. Eligible employees who are required to work on holidays will be given compensatory time in accordance with JMU Policy 1303. An employee must work and/or be in paid leave status on the last workday before, and the first workday after an official university closing to receive paid time off.

 2020 University Holiday/Closing Schedule

  • Employee Personal Day (taken between 1/10/20 and 1/9/21 in full 8-hour increment)
  • January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • January 20 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Floating Holiday** (8 hours available March 10 and used by 12/21/20 in full 8-hour increment)
  • March 13 (4 hours from July 3 and 4 hours**)
  • May 25 (Memorial Day)
  • June 19 (Juneteenth, 4 hours, University closed)
  • Floating Holiday* (4 hours available June 19 and used by 12/21/20 in full 4-hour increment) 
  • July 3 (Independence Day, 4 hours, University closed)
  • Floating Holiday* (8 hours available August 26 and used by 12/21/20 in full 8-hour increment)
  • November 23** 
  • November 24** 
  • November 25 (4 hours* and 4 hours**)
  • November 26 - 27 (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • December 22**
  • December 23
  • December 24*
  • December 25 (Christmas)
  • December 28 – 31 (Winter Break)

  *Additional paid time off granted by the governor.
**Additional paid time off awarded as Recognition Leave granted by the president

 Inclement Weather Closures

The university generally maintains a regular schedule during adverse weather conditions, however, there are times the university may close or limit its services based on severe weather or other emergencies. How faculty and staff absences should be handled during adverse weather are common questions. The following information maybe helpful in these situations.

When the university closes, appropriate announcements will be made to the following:

  • JMU Weather Line: (540) 433-5300
  • JMU radio station 1610AM
  • JMU's Website
  • JMU's homepage
  • Area radio and television stations
  • JMU’s Office of Public Safety, who is responsible for the Emergency Notification System announcements. Text and email alerts are initiated through MyMadison.

Policy 1309-University Closings, Class Cancellations and Exam Postponements Due to Inclement Weather or Emergencies also provides information pertaining to university closures.

Contact the Leave Specialist if you have questions about the Holiday Schedule and University Closings.

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