Holiday Schedule and University Closings

Will I always get paid for a holiday even if I don't work that day?

Full-time employees must work or be on approved leave the day before and the day after the holiday to receive holiday pay.

Do wage employees receive holiday pay when the university is closed?

No, wage employees only get paid for actual hours worked.

Will I receive any extra compensation for working a holiday?

As a full-time employee, if you are required to work a holiday you will be paid your regular pay plus you will earn compensatory time. Compensatory time is capped at eight hours for working holidays by Virginia Department of Human Resource Management policy. So even if you work more than eight hours you will only receive eight hours of compensatory time.

How will I be notified of university closings?

The university uses all media sources to broadcast closings and delays. Radio, television, university website, and email are used. The most convenient way to learn of university closings and/or delays is to sign up to receive emergency notifications through MyMadison.

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