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The information available on these pages is designed to provide answers to many of your questions regarding your University benefits. Please use this site as a resource to help you make more informed decisions about your benefit plans or to find answers when you have questions. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the Benefits site and have questions beyond the information on these pages, you can count on support from the knowledgeable and responsive benefits team.

The Benefits team at James Madison University manages the Comprehensive Benefits Package available to all eligible employees of the university. Benefits are an important part of your total compensation package. The university currently offers health, dental and vision insurance, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, flexible-spending accounts, and retirement plans as core benefits to eligible employees. In addition, the university also provides other benefits and services to help enhance employee work-life wellness.

Below is a comprehensive list of the benefits available to university employees. Some benefits may not be applicable based on your employment classification.


Total Compensation Estimator *Under Construction

Have you ever wondered about the value of your JMU compensation? Your direct pay and your indirect pay make up your total compensation. Direct pay is generally identified as your ‘pay check’. Indirect pay is the value of your benefits package. Check out the Total Compensation Estimator *currently under construction. This will provide an estimated value of your total compensation. It also offers a colorful visual representation of the total compensation package you have as a full-time employee!



  • Oct 1: Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Ed (ORPHE) Open Enrollment Period
  • Oct 12: Understanding and Using the Grievance Procedure (TD1151)
  • Oct 13: Employee Resource Group Information Sessions
  • Oct 14: JMU Flu Vaccine Clinic
  • Oct 15: JMU Flu Vaccine Clinic
  • Oct 15: Retirement 101: Understanding Your VRS Retirement (TD1212)
  • Oct 16: Employee Resource Group Information Sessions
  • Oct 29: 2015 Job Shadow Day
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