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The Department of Labor (DOL) requires every employer covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to keep accurate timekeeping and pay records for each covered, non-exempt worker in order to track and pay overtime appropriately.

The university does not currently utilize an electronic timekeeping system; therefore, non-exempt employees must maintain a manual Time and Attendance Record. Employees must manually account for regular hours worked, leave taken, leave without pay, overtime/compensatory hours worked, holidays, recognition leave taken, and scheduled days off.

New non-exempt employees and their supervisors receive an email notification within 30 days of hire that contains a link to the Time and Attendance Record and directions on how to complete the record.

Employees may review their FLSA status in MyMadison on the View Leave Balances page as well as on their Employee Work Profile (EWP). Supervisors also have access to this information in Manager Self-Service.

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Human Resources will contact non-exempt employees annually in early January to request submission of the records and to provide the new year’s template. All Time and Attendance Records must be submitted at this time. These records are subject to DOL audit and are housed within Human Resources for five years.


Employees must enter their full name, employee ID, and department name at the top of the record. For each day, employees must select the appropriate code that represents the hours accounted for during that particular day and indicate the number of hours per day per code. The codes can be found at the top of the Time and Attendance Record.

**Clarification on the inclement weather codes**

If the employee is non-designated and does not work during the delay or closure, the “N” code will be used. If the employee is designated (employees identified by the employing department whose work is essential to university operations and are required to work during periods of authorized closings) and does work during the delay or closure, the “W” code will be used. If the employee provides assistance with snow removal in conjunction with Facilities Management, the “X” code will be used.

Time and Attendance Records should be submitted to annually or when a non-exempt employee seperates employment or transfers to a new job clasification.


Time and Attendance Record for Non-exempt Employees 2023 - 2024

Time and Attendance Record for Non-exempt Employees 2024 - 2025

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