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Programs and Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations
Requesting accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.

Accessible Media and Technology
The Accessible Media and Technology program assists students in procuring accessible course materials, utilizing assistive technologies, and producing accessible formats. Examples of accessible formats include audio versions of books and articles, transcripts or captioned versions of videos and audio, as well as large-print and Braille. AMT trains students to use assistive technologies as well as the Accessible Technology Labs. In addition, AMT serves as a resource for faculty and staff by offering training and guidance related to accessible course materials and on-line course design.

Exam Accommodation Services
Exam Accommodation Services offers exams in accessible media formats, proctoring services, a reduced distraction environment and extended exam time through the Office of Disability Services. Accommodations are provided within parameters agreed on between the professor, the student and ODS. A student must be registered with ODS and be approved for exam accommodations in order to be eligible for exam accommodation assistance.

Notetaking Program
The Note Taking Program offers accommodations to students, who may be eligible to receive: instructor slides and overheads in advance of class, supplemental notes recorded by a student volunteer, and the use of a Smartpen. This type of accommodation is meant to supplement the student's own abilities and efforts and does not preclude their responsibility to attend class regularly, participate fully and record notes to the best of their ability.

Accessible Technology Labs
All students registered with the Office of Disability Services have access to JMU's Accessible Technology Labs, which contain specialized equipment and software to benefit students with visual, learning, mobility and other disabilities.

HDPT Paratransit
Harrisonburg Paratransit is a wheelchair accessible public transportation service operated by the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT). The service is for persons who cannot use their own vehicle or a transit bus due to a temporary or permanent disability that impairs mobility.

Interpreter Services
Interpreter Services is offered through the Office of Disability Services. ODS will work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing and in need of interpreters. It is imperative that students needing an interpreter contact Disability Services as soon as they know they will be taking a course. It can take a considerable amount of time to locate a qualified interpreter who can work at the times you need. Every attempt will be made to locate certified interpreters, but occasionally, non-certified personnel are employed.

Screening and Referral
The Screening and Referral process involves a one and a half hour screening looking at a broad range of historical, academic, study habits/skills, academic frustrations and emotional components. The screening will not yield a diagnosis, rather, it assists in the decision making process for recommending the next step in the process, the Triage Committee.

Learning Strategies Instruction Program
Learning Strategies Instruction provides individualized, student-centered, academic coaching designed to increase student success. The diverse range of undergraduate and graduate students we serve will be motivated to achieve individual goals by becoming self-regulated learners and building academic and personal self-efficacy.