Notetaking Accommodations in Online Courses

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Please review the following faculty and recipient guides for specific updates regarding notetaking accommodations in online courses. We are available to answer any questions or concerns that arise at

Faculty Guide

Notes Recipient Guide


Thank you to the JMU Departments who donated prizes to the Notetaking Program: Office of Development, JMU Bookstore, Community Service Learning, Health Center, Residence Life, and Orientation!

The notetaking accommodation is one of several accommodations that may be offered to a student with a disability. To be considered, students should complete registration process with our office. Please see Getting Started with ODS page for guided steps on how to register with our office.

If a student is already registered and thinks that the notetaking accommodation would help them be more successful in the classroom, the student may email the Front Desk Staff.  In the email, they should state their request and include an explanation for how the notetaking accommodation would support their disability or medical condition.  The request is then submitted for committee review and the student will receive notification if their request was granted or denied.

Notetaking is meant to supplement the student's own abilities and efforts in class.  It does not preclude their responsibility to attend class regularly, participate fully, and take notes to the best of their ability.

Under this program, registered students may be eligible to receive:

  • Instructor slides and overheads
  • Supplemental notes written/typed by a peer volunteer
  • Use of a Smartpen

Students with a temporary impairment, such as a broken dominant hand, that prevents them from recording their own notes may also be eligible to receive note taking assistance. For more information, please visit the Temporary Impairments and Health Conditions page.

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