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Information for Notetaking Volunteers

Throughout the exchange process, it is important to maintain anonymity between the volunteer and the student. Unless the student chooses to share their name with the class, please respect the student’s desire to remain anonymous. It is the volunteer’s reasonability to notify the Notetaking and Accommodation Assistant at least 12 hours in advance if the volunteer is unable to attend class.

Online Exchange

We are now using a combination of Outlook and Access to faclitate the "Online Exchange".  Volunteers will email us their notes no later than 48 hours following class.

  1. Attend class regularly and take comprehensive notes electronically (ppt., docx, pdf.).
    • You can take paper notes and then use CamScanner or a library scanner to make an electronic file of pages.
  2. Save note files as: Instructor last name-class number-date the notes were taken. (Example: Smith-GKIN 100-9-5.docx)
  3. Type in the "To:" field of the email
  4. The Subject of the email must only be the five digit course number (identified in the original email).
  5. Attach the notes file(s) to the email.
  6. Any text written in the body of the email message will not be sent to the recipient, only the attachments.
  7. Email the notes to
Carbonless Notebook Exchange

The carbonless notebooks all have white and yellow pages in them. As the volunteer writes on the white paper, it automatically copies onto the yellow paper. Place a folder after the yellow copy so your handwriting doesn't accidentally bleed onto the next set of white and yellow paper. These free notebooks can be picked up at our office (Student Success Center, Room 1202) throughout the semester.

  1. Attend class regularly and record legible, comprehensive notes in the carbonless notebook.
  2. Complete the tracking information requested at the top of every notebook page.
  3. Share the yellow pages of notes from each class with our office no later than 48 hours following class.
  4. If our office is closed, put the notes in the gray "Notes Drop Off" box outside the main door.