Accommodate Note-Taker Network

  • This is a NEW database that our office has recently adopted to use with our workflow. This database has a built-in Note-Taker Network, that allows notes to be uploaded and easy accessed by students with accommodations. This database is open to all students beginning in the Spring 2021 semester.  
  • In order to utilize this database, meet with your student and determine if they may need a volunteer note-taker to properly access and learn in your course. If this is the case, please find 2-3 Volunteer Note-takers and email their names to We will be in contact with them about how to use the database, and they will be able to upload notes directly to our database.
    • Volunteer note-takers can use their experience as volunteer hours, and can use it as a resume builder. 

Upload course materials onto Canvas (Universal Design)

  • We recommend instructing with universal design in mind, providing all necessary materials to all students (i.e. recorded lectures, narrated PowerPoints, outlines, videos, etc.). This lets students go back and access learning materials at any time, allowing them to learn and retain the information at their own pace.  

We thank you for your partnership, hard work and resilience in adapting to make JMU an equitable place of learning during these times. Please do not hesitate to come to us for support.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Note-taking process, please contact our office at

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