It is extremely important to maintain your personal well-being as you face the academic rigors of university life which can be demanding, stressful and overwhelming. JMU has a number of excellent resources to assist in creating and maintaining your well-being.

Food and Dietary Needs

The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals, every day and throughout our lives! Discovering and choosing the right foods can propel you forward, help you succeed and keep you healthy. JMU’s chefs offer many dishes and ingredients to cater to different eating preferences and dietary restrictions. Send them an e-mail dining@jmu.edu if you cannot find the type of food that fits your life.


“Motivate Madison into Motion” is the goal of JMU’s University Recreation Center (UREC). They provide a wide variety of facilities, programs, classes and events to the JMU community to exercise, get you fit or simply enjoy and connect with your peers. Check out UREC’s website for a complete list of the programs and services they provide.


In order to stay fit you may need to complete a physical check-up, take some medicine and in case of an accident you may need to see someone who can take care of you. If you do, make sure to bring your health insurance card from CISI, in these situations:

Illness and Minor Injuries

If you have a cold, the flu, a minor accident, an infection or you just don't know what is wrong - make an appointment at the Health Center. The JMU University Health Center (located in the Student Success Center) offers appointments with doctors and/or nurses, immunizations, allergy medications, prescriptions, nutrition information, a pharmacy and many other medical services. Schedule an appointment here.

Routine or Specialized Care

If the University Health Center is unavailable, you can also make an appointment with a local doctor, either a general practitioner or a specialist.

Other Health Care Options

If you have an urgent medical need outside of the JMU or doctors’ offices business hours or cannot wait for an appointment, you can go to a local Urgent Care facility to have a medical professional address your health concerns.

1840 E Market Street
(540) 432-3080

343 Neff Avenue Suite C
(540) 432-9996

Valley Urgent Care
119B University Blvd
(540) 434-5709

The Emergency Room

Emergency Rooms (or the "ER") in the U.S. are for serious, possibly life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Students should NOT visit the emergency room for minor or moderate health care concerns. If you visit the emergency room and you are not admitted to the hospital for care, you will be responsible for at least a $500 payment for the ER visit.

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