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“Share My Culture” is a service-learning opportunity for students who are eager to get involved in the local community by giving interactive and informative presentation about his or her country/culture to local organizations (such as schools or retirement communities). 

Program Information
  • Different local communities (elementary and high schools, retirement homes, etc...) are oftentimes looking to learn more or be exposed to different cultures and hear first-hand about where you live, a certain country’s customs, holiday celebrations, how to speak a few words in a specific language.
  • If you are interested in sharing your culture, and/or looking for volunteering experiences in the local community, we will provide with detailed information about upcoming opportunities
  • You will need to plan your presentation. It will most likely last about up to 30 minutes. The more interactive you presentation will be, the better. You may therefore think about including (but is not limited to) the following:
    • How to say simple words and greetings
    • Sharing some of the traditional celebrations you grew-up with
    • Giving some historical significance to how your culture/country came into being what it is now
    • Describing the physical and cultural geography
    • Showcasing special customs or traditions
    • Telling folk tales, singing, dancing or playing games
  • Should you need some assistance with creating your presentation contact someone in the office.
  • While you may do a presentation on your own, co-presenting with other students may be more enjoyable and easier. 
  • We will also work with you to figure out different details, such as transportation, etc.
  • Increase your global awareness by sharing your culture/country
  • Improve your public speaking skills,
  • Add a service-learning activity to your resume.
  • Develop your Global/Intercultural Fluency and meet one or more of the Career Readiness competencies that employers are looking for when hiring their top employees.
Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office: (540) 568-5209.

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