JMU is committed to providing assistance to international faculty and staff in order to facilitate a seamless transition from their current visa type to a green card, within the boundaries of the law and our resources.   It is JMU’s policy to file PERM cases with the Department of Labor for all eligible tenure-track Faculty.   PERM is the application for Labor Certification Determination, with which an employer can request a green card for its permanent, full-time professional employees.  Because of nuances within the law, it is more difficult and time consuming to obtain a Labor Certification for non-teaching positions, and the ISSS is unable to devote the resources to filing PERM’s for anything other than tenure-track teaching positions.  If the non-teaching employee wishes to hire his/her own attorney in an attempt to secure a green card, ISSS will cooperate fully, to the extent allowable by law. 

Tenure Track Faculty: Please contact ISSS as soon as you are hired so that we can begin the PERM process in a timely manner.  The PERM application must be filed within 18 months of the date of your selection for the position and there are a number of time-consuming processes that we, the employer, must adhere to before we can file the actual PERM. 

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