Jimmy Rule, Associate Controller

Contact Info

Financial Reporting
  • Annual Financial Reports
  • Capital Construction Accounting
  • Capital Project Request
  • CARS/PeopleSoft Reconciliation
  • Department CodesExpenditure Codes and Revenue Codes  (setup and maintenance)
  • Deposit Transmittal
  • Financial Management Reports
  • Maintain Department/Org Trees
  • Quarterly Accounts Receivable Reports
Fixed Assets and Surplus Property
  • Fixed Asset Inventory
  • Decaling Equipment
  • Receiving and Distribution
  • Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)
  • Surplus of ETF Equipment
  • Surplus Inventory Listing
International Accounting
  • Financial Support for the Office of International Programs
  • Financial Management of Study Abroad Programs
  • International Wire Transfers
  • International Bank/PeopleSoft Reconciliations
  • Administration of Study Abroad Visa Cards
  • Accounting for International Housing
  • Study Abroad Financial Training

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