W-4/VA-4 FAQs

Regarding your Filing Status

You May Need to Check your Withholding Form W-4/VA-4

Since you last filed Form W-4/VA-4 did you:

  • Marry or divorce?
  • Gain or lose a dependent?
  • Change your name?

Were there major changes to:

  • Your non-wage income (interest,dividends, capital gains, etc.)?
  • Your family wage income (you or your spouse started or ended a job)?
  • Your itemized deductions?
  • Your tax credits?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions or you owed extra tax when you filed your last return, you may need to file a new Form W-4/VA-4. Now is the time to check your withholding (displayed in the upper right hand corner of your direct deposit advice). 

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