Why doesn’t the Paycheck Modeler page respond when I click “Let’s Get Started”?

You must check the “Yes, I have reviewed and agree to the terms and conditions” box acknowledging that you agree to the usage terms and conditions before you can proceed with the paycheck modeler tool.

 Why doesn’t the Paycheck Modeler respond after I check the box “Yes, I have reviewed and agree to the terms and conditions”?

The system may take a few seconds to process your request before the “Let’s Get Started” button is available.  Wait a few seconds and try clicking “Let’s Get Started” again.

 Why doesn’t the Paycheck Modeler estimate match my actual check after I made the same modeled changes to my actual paycheck?

The Paycheck Modeler is a tool for providing an estimated check based on changes to your earnings, deductions and/or taxes. There is no guarantee that you will receive the modeled results. If you are a full-time employee, contributions to your retirement plan are based on a percentage of your full-time earnings. Therefore, if you’ve adjusted your full-time income, your retirement contribution would need to increase/decrease based on those changes to your earnings. However, those changes do not automatically occur when using the Paycheck Modeler.

 Why are certain deductions not available on the Paycheck Modeler?

The Paycheck modeler allows changes to the most commonly used before-tax deductions. After-tax deductions are not included because the amount of an after-tax deduction can be simply subtracted from your gross pay after taxes are calculated.

Click here for a list of before-tax and after-tax deductions.

 Why are certain earning types not available on the Paycheck Modeler?

The Paycheck modeler allows changes to the most commonly used earning types. 

 Are there times when the Paycheck Modeler will be unavailable?

Yes. The Paycheck Modeler will be unavailable from June 21st through July 11th each year for fiscal year end maintenance. The link will be hidden within MyMadison.

 Are all employees eligible to use the Paycheck Modeler?

Employees that have access to the employee tab within MyMadison have access to the Paycheck Modeler. Employees with a federal tax status of non-resident alien (NRA) may not use the Paycheck Modeler.

 Why did I receive the “A calculation error has occurred” message after clicking “Calculate My Modeled Check”?

If you chose a Tax Status of "Blank" on the Federal Tax Withholding Page, this message displays after clicking "Calculate My Modeled Check".  "Blank" is not a valid Tax Status choice.  Click "OK" to acknowledge the message and navigate back to the Employee Tab/Paycheck Modeler, and restart choosing either Married or Single on the Federal Tax Withholding Page.  This is a known issue that is set to be resolved by Oracle in the near future.

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