Prior to Departure

The University requires travelers to prepare an estimate of the total cost of any planned international official business and all incoming foreign national visitors.  International travel and all incoming foreign national visitors require prior approval by an Approving Authority, the appropriate Senior Vice President, as well as the Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance. This prior approval is obtained through Chrome River, JMU's electronic travel management solution.

Before arranging international travel, the department or traveler must prepare a Pre-Approval in Chrome River.

During Your Trip

  1. Record your mileage, if traveling by personal vehicle
  2. Keep all of your receipts
    • Lodging
    • Transportation
    • Airline/rail and bus tickets
    • Car rental
    • Gasoline purchases
    • Parking and tolls in excess of $75.00
    • Taxi
    • Shuttle
  3. The following miscellaneous expenses are not reimbursable:
    • Lost or stolen articles
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Damage to personal vehicles, clothing, or other items
    • Services to gain entry to a locked vehicle
    • Movies charged to hotel bills
    • All expenses related to the personal negligence of the traveler, such as fines
    • Entertainment expenses
    • Towing charges
    • Expenses for children, spouses, and companions while on travel status

After Returning

Complete your travel expense report in Chrome River and submit the completed report with all necessary receipts and attachments within 60 working days.

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