System Alerts
  • 10/30/21

The Finance System upgrade is complete and the system is accessible again. 

When accessing the system for the first time after the upgrade, please clear your browser cache before logging in.  Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

This upgrade brought about some user interface and reporting changes noted below.

  1. New branding and color scheme.
  2. Updated tile design and naming.
  3. More pages converted to classic plus design (larger fields/buttons and shaped boxes).
  4. nVision/Summary Financial Reports default to collapsed mode (click on box 2 in upper left corner to expand and see detailed account rows).1.jpg
  5. nVision/Summary Financial Reports known issue for width in columns B and C. We are working with Oracle to resolve and in the meantime users can fix by manually adjusting the width as needed.

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