Do you want to discover what life is really like as an international student at JMU? Why not go straight to the source: the students themselves! Check out the profiles of current JMU LINKers. LINKers are JMU students who serve as the main links between incoming international students and the current international community at JMU. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of the JMU international community. 

To e-mail them to get some answers about student life from those who know it best, send an e-mail to and indicate in the subject line the name of the LINKer(s) you want to connect with.

Chang Tan - United States/ China

Major: Biology and Chemistry

Feifan (Fay) Yang - China

Major: Computer Information Systems

Hung Do - Vietnam/ Russia

Major: Hospitality Management

Julia Koczot - United States/ India, Egypt, & Bangladesh

Major: Justice Studies: Global Concentration

Juxian (Carrie) Bao - China

Major: Economics and Quantitative Finance

Mona Sheikh - Ethiopia/ Saudi Arabia

Major: Finance

Mya (Kate) Myet Thwe - Myanmar/ Singapore

Major: International Affairs

Quynh (Bao) Nguyen - Vietnam

Major: Computer Information Systems

Tam Nguyen - Vietnam

Major: Finance

Thu Nga (Neena) Nguyen - Vietnam/ Russia

Major: Computer Information Systems

Vanina Waingortin - Argentina/ Uruguay/ Brasil/ Costa Rica

Major: International Affairs

Xue (Shirley) Yang - China

Major: Marketing

Yifei Zhang - China/ United States

Major: Economics/Computer Information Systems

Yoo Jin Lee - South Korea

Major: Secondary Education MAT

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