We are looking for students who value community, inclusion and student wellbeing to join our dynamic team of over 600 JMU students who are committed to Motivating Madison into Motion!  

We invite all students, from all majors and backgrounds to learn more and apply for UREC’s open positions below. There are a wide range of entry level student positions available with no previous experience required. UREC also hires for specialized positions that have pre-requisite certifications or training. All student employees undergo comprehensive training and are provided opportunities for professional development and advancement.


Summer and Fall 2024 hiring is currently closed.

UREC Hiring FAQs

Where and how can I apply? 

Applicants must apply through the UREC Student Employment Application form. Only one submission is required to apply. On the form, applicants will select their top three positions. UREC professional staff will review applications to determine possible interview opportunities within these three positions based on experiences, skill sets, application materials and position availability. Please do not submit multiple applications.

What are the basic requirements to be hired?

To be hired, students must be degree-seeking (enrolled on at least a half-time basis - 6 credits for undergraduate; 5 credits for graduate), in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or over), and present documentation of their identity (including a Social Security Card or equivalent for international students).

What is it the wage scale?

Assistants        Entry level, no previous training required $12.00/hour
Specialists Requires previous training, experience or certification    $12.50/hour



What is the interview process?

Interviews will take place after the application closes. Applicants will be interviewed for up to ONE position based on their application. Interviews are not guaranteed. Depending on the positions, interviews may be individual, in a group, and/or include activities. Applicants will hear back about their application status by March 22. 

When does UREC hire students?

There are two main periods of time that UREC hires student employees. This timeline ensures time for completing hiring paperwork, processing hiring paperwork, and training new employees.

For Spring start dates, the application/hiring period is September - October. 

For Summer and Fall start dates, the application/hiring period is February - March.

Periodically, there may be jobs posted in between these hiring periods. 

UREC student employee training takes place before classes begin in the Fall, during Orientation. Incoming new JMU students interested in working at UREC are encouraged to apply after completing Orientation at JMU. 

SPRING HIRING 2024 FOR SUMMER/FALL: Application will open on Monday, February 5, 2024 at 8 a.m. and close on Thursday, February 22 at 11:59 p.m..

Entry-Level Student Positions

The following UREC student employee positions are entry-level positions, meaning you can apply for these positions without any prior UREC experience, and, if there are required certifications, you may complete the certification after being offered the position.

Personal Trainers
personal trainers showing how to do a bicep curl
  • Administer exercise tests assessing the five components of fitness
  • Create an exercise program for the participant based on their goals and perform one-on-one training sessions
  • May also lead small group training classes and conduct educational programs on fitness-related topics
    Supervisor: Assistant Director for Fitness and Nutrition 


Intramural Sports Officials
Officials watching a basketball game
  • Responsible for enforcing the rules of the game
  • Provide supervision for safety, fair play and positive sportsmanship 
  • Training will be provided for every official prior to the start of each season
  • Advancement opportunities are available through the Student Officials Association and various certifications


Summer Camp Staff
cmap counselor setting up camper to climb
  • Camp UREC positions include a Camp Director, Head Camp Counselors, and Camp Counselors.
  • General Camp Counselor responsibilities include:
    • Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for campers between the ages of 5-12.
    • Facilitate activities that promote life-long learning, recreation, and wellness.
    • Assist with administrative camp duties.
  • ALL Camp UREC position requirements:
    • One must obtain a current CPR and First Aid certification prior to first day of employment.
    • A background check is required to be hired.
    • Must be able to attend training week as well as each camp session during the summer. 
  • Previous camp or youth programming experience is preferred. 


Cooking Instructors
  • Develop and instruct cooking classes and nutrition-related educational programming in the UREC Demonstration Kitchen
  • Assist with the facilitation of special events and workshops
  • Background in Dietetics, Health Science, Health Promotion, Public Health or Hospitality recommended
  • Senior dietetics majors will also be eligible to complete Nutrition Analysis appointments
  • 5-15 hours per week


Adventure Specialists
student belaying in the adventure center
  • Responsible for participant experiences at the UREC climbing walls
  • Belay participants
  • Teach climbing and belaying basics
  • Monitor the Adventure Center and Atrium Climbing Wall
  • Some belaying experiences recommended


Adventure Service Specialists
student handing a paddle to participant
  • Responsible for managing the check-in and check out process of the Adventure Center, Rentals and Climbing
  • Maintain and upkeep the adventure equipment and service areas
  • Willingness to learn about adventure equipment is a must


Member Services Assistants
  • Provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere while monitoring participant entrance and exit at UREC and University Park
  • Swipe JAC cards, lead facility tours, and register participants for programs at the Welcome Center
  • Check in/out equipment, assist with facility laundry, and process locker/towel contracts at the Equipment Center


Fitness Assistants
  • Oversee the Fitness Center, Cardio Deck and Multi-Purpose Studio
  • Greet participants and help them navigate the policies and equipment in the fitness areas
  • Ensure safety by supervising the free weight area and providing spots
  • Perform preventative maintenance and housekeeping duties


Recreation Assistants
  • Maintain and prepare all open recreation areas including the gymnasiums, multi-activity centers, tracks, racquetball courts, and turf field
  • Prepare and maintain spaces for clubs, organizations and other events
  • Enforce policies and procedures
  • Maintain safety and cleanliness
  • Provide exceptional service to UREC participants


Equipment Maintenance Assistants
  • Perform equipment inspections 
  • Implement routine maintenance and cleaning of fitness equipment 
  • Handle apprentice-level repairs of fitness equipment 
  • Assist Maintenance Manager and Facility Manager with special tasks 

Supervisor: Maintenance Manager or Equipment Manager

Technology Specialists
Students holding a computer monitor
  • Respond and troubleshoot software, hardware, and network problems for computers, tablets, and printers
  • Provide excellent customer service and problem solve
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software suite and Google Docs, familiar with Windows command line interface
  • Research new technologies to improve UREC’s services
  • Help maintain inventory of hardware and software resources
Supervisor: Technology Manager


Graphic Designer: Marketing Specialists
  • Promote all UREC programs and services through the design and development of communication materials for the JMU campus community using Adobe Creative Suite including, but not limited to: digital flyers, posters, promotional materials, social media posts…
  • Produce and peer-review media related to specialty
  • Assist with planning and delivery of training, meetings and team building activities for marketing staff


Marketing Assistants
student taking a picture
  • Design and implement various marketing and communication efforts to promote UREC programs
  • Create social media posts and graphics
  • Photograph events
  • Represent UREC during tabling events


Sport Club Supervisor
  • Supervise Sport Club events including practices, games, and tournaments at UREC, UPARK and all satellite facilities.
  • Assist with facility and equipment upkeep
  • Enforce policies and procedure 
  • Collect data on sport club participation


Office Assistants
  • Greet visitors in UREC's administrative suite
  • Answer phone calls
  • Assist the Office Manager with a variety of tasks such as data entry, purchasing and credit card reconciliation
Supervisor: Office Manager


Wellness Center Assistants
  • Responsible for welcoming and assisting visitors to the UREC Wellness Center
  • Check in for and answer questions about Athletic Training, Massage, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching and more
  • Completes Wellness Center operational and UREC administrative tasks such as issuing program “no-show” communication


Student Positions With Pre-Requisites

The following UREC student employee positions require a certification or successful prep course completion before being considered for employment. 

Group Exercise Instructors
group exercise instructor flexing bicep
  • Teach 3-5 classes per week in a few different formats such as cycle, yoga, barre…
  • Lead classes of all skill levels and various activity types as a fitness professional.
  • Completion of the UREC Group Exercise Instructor Prep Course facilitated at UREC OR a nationally-accredited Group Fitness certification with some prior teaching experience
  • To apply for the Group Exercise Instructor Prep Course, submit the Interest Form prior to the prep course start date, which is always the third Wednesday of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • ACE, AFAA and other nationally-accredited certifications will be considered
  • Contact the Coordinator of Group Exercise for more information


Adventure Trip Leaders
trip leader setting up a tent
  • Implement adventure trips and clinics
  • Conduct pre-trip meetings, organize and maintain group equipment
  • Monitor vehicle operation
  • Supervise and educate groups during trips
  • Previous experience either working or participating in adventure activities
  • Completion of the Trip Leader Prep Course
  • Completion of Wilderness First Aid, CPR and Leave No Trace training 
  • Essential trip leader skills include punctuality, self-motivation and the ability to work independently
  • Hours vary depending on program load and will mainly be weekends with some through the week
  • Hiring is based on outdoor activity skill set assessed through the extended interview process including the Trip Leader Prep Course
  • Candidates with substantial prior experience will still be considered for the position even if unable to attend the Trip Leader Prep Course
  • Contact the Coordinator of Adventure and TEAM Programs for more information


Adventure TEAM Facilitators
group on challenge course
  • Lead and facilitate activities for groups at the challenge course
  • Completion of JMU UREC TEAM Facilitator training which includes games, initiatives, low elements and the high ropes course. This training will be offer to selected applicants. No requirment are needed to apply.
  • Hours vary depending on program load and will mainly be weekends with some through the week
  • Contact the Assistant Director for Adventure and TEAM Programs for more information


Certification Instructors
  • Teach CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and Lifeguard Training Classes and assist with in-service training
  • Prepare instruction for classes and communicate with participants and supervisors regularly


Emergency Responders
  • Provide first aid to the participants of UREC facilities within the limits of their certification
  • Supervise and provide first aid during various Sport Club practices and/or games and other events
  • Lead manager training for other programs or service areas in UREC
  • Current EMT-B certification OR EMT certification in progress
  • Lifeguard, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers or Emergency Medical Response (EMR) certification
  • Contact the Assistant Director for Aquatics and Safety for more information


  • Create a safe environment for participants using the UREC aquatic facilities and respond to all emergencies at the pool as needed
  • Enforce all policies and procedures that are established within the Aquatics Center
  • Provide aquatic and safety program information to the participants of UREC


Swim Instructors
swim instructor with child
  • Teach group lessons, private swim lessons and other swim programming to all ages and abilities within the UREC and JMU community
  • Plan and schedule lessons with participants in private lessons and communicate regularly
  • Lessons primarily take place on the weekends between Fridays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m.


Personal Trainers
personal trainers showing how to do a bicep curl
  • Administer exercise tests assessing the five components of fitness
  • Create an exercise program for the participant based on their goals and perform one-on-one training sessions
  • May also lead small group training classes and conduct educational programs on fitness-related topics


Opportunities for Advancement

There are opportunities for current UREC student employees to advance within the department, and may become qualified to be considered for a specialist or manager position (dependent upon the area) with elevated responsibilities and pay. All student employees are eligible to apply for the highest-level student position, the Operations Supervisor, after working at UREC for two terms.

Operation Supervisors

Operation Supervisors play a vital role in the operations of UREC and UPARK. They are directly responsible for the supervision of all UREC & UPARK activities, facilities, programs and student staff. These responsibilities include and are not limited to the execution of emergency procedures, administration of first aid & CPR skills, resolving/mediating conflicts, event management and acting as liaison between professional staff, student staff, and participants. Viable candidates must have strong leadership qualities and be able to work independently while applying critical thinking skills and making value based decision. This position requires 12-18 hours/ week and shifts during holidays and university breaks.  All applicants must have worked for UREC for two terms (Fall/Spring/Summer) to be eligible to apply.

 Job Duties

  • Responsible for the supervision of all UREC & UPARK facilities, programs and student staff
  • Activate the emergency action plan as needed
  • Administer CPR & First Aid for medical emergencies
  • Oversee all event management and operation
  • Uphold the UREC culture through leadership and communication
  • Serve as the liaison between UREC professional/graduate assistant staff and UREC student staff
  • Work 12-18 hours per week, including breaks and holidays
  • All applicants must have worked for UREC for two terms (Fall/Spring/Summer) to be eligible to apply

 Contact the Assistant Director for Operations for more information.

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