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You belong at UREC!

Entering new spaces and trying new activities can be intimidating, we are here to guide you through the process.

What is UREC?

University Recreation (UREC) is the hub for your physical activity needs. We are here to Motivate Madison into Motion and empower students to embrace lifelong healthy habits through recreation programs. UREC is more than a place to sweat. We also offer wellness activities and house the Health Promotion department.

What to expect when entering UREC or UPARK?
  • All full-time undergraduate or graduate students and full-time JMU employees have a membership to UREC.
  • UREC and UPARK can be accessed during operating hours.
  • Swipe your JACard or use the UREC App to enter.
  • Our Member Services staff will be there to welcome you, swipe you in and answer any questions. 
What can I do at UREC?

Without any program registration, you can:

What can I do at UPARK?

At UPARK, you can play pick-up sports like:

  • Basketball
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Frisbee
Equipment is available for checkout at no extra cost.
UREC Student worker building a tent
Where should I start?

UREC has so many options it can be overwhelming! That is why we are putting forth resources and programs to help you get started:

  • Fitness Center Orientation1-on-1 orientation session with a UREC Fitness Manager, a service provided to all members at no additional cost. A UREC staff member will walk you through the Fitness Center and show you how to use different equipment to build your own workout.
  • Adventure Clinics: Clinics to discover activities like mountain biking, climbing, and more. 
  • Group Exercise: Group classes led by an instructor to follow along.
  • Aquatics Clinics: Clinics to discover new activities like Log Rolling.

Cost-associated services:

Our staff is always here to answer your questions! From directions to how to use a machine or sign up for a program, feel free to ask. It's our mission to meet, seek, greet and exceed your expectations! 

students playing basketball
How does it work?
UREC Register

UREC Register is where you can register for UREC programs like Group Exercise, Adventure Trips, etc. 

View the full UREC Register guide

IM Leagues

IM Leagues is where you can register for Intramural Sports. We recommend using UREC Register to log in.


 Watch tutorial

  1. Open the locker door.
  2. Place personal belongings in the locker.
  3. Close the locker door.
  4. With the lock in the “unlock position,” set your own combination.
  5. Turn knob to “lock position” and scramble the dial.
  6. When you return, re-enter your combination to unlock the locker. Contact a UREC staff member if you have issues opening your locker.
  7. Remove your belongings. Any items left overnight are subject to removal.

Please remember which locker and code you use. Type into your cell phone, or take a picture of the locker number and your code!

Long-term lockers can be rented.


Participants may check out one small towel at a time by swiping their JAC/URAC at the Equipment Center for no fee. Bath towels are also available to participants with a JAC/URAC card for daily or extended rental.

You are welcome to exchange towels during your workout. When returning your towel to the Equipment Center, ensure your card is swiped to verify your towel has been returned. Participants with unreturned towels will be charged a replacement fee.

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