General Locker Rooms

General locker rooms are open to all participants of UREC. Lockers can be utilized for day use or for extended rentals. Participants must provide their own lock but they can purchase one at the Equipment Center using FLEX. A limited number of lockers may be rented at the Equipment Center and remaining lockers are for day use only. Unauthorized overnight use of lockers is prohibited and items left overnight (even if locked) are subject to removal by the Equipment Center.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Rental Prices:

  • Semester: $20
  • Academic Year: $40
  • Full Year: $60

Faculty, Staff, Emeriti, Alumni, Spouse, Dependent and Affiliate Rental Prices:

  • Semester: $30
  • Academic Year: $60
  • Full Year: $80
Faculty/Staff Locker Rooms

UREC faculty/staff locker rooms offer more privacy for faculty and staff members, since only individuals with a contract may store items in this locker room. Lockers are large enough to hang jackets and most work apparel. Air circulation fans help keep items dry and locks are provided with the contract. Lockers are for use by rental only at the Equipment Center. Unauthorized use of rental lockers is prohibited and items will be confiscated. Day lockers are located in the hall on the way into the Aquatics Center. Lock is included in the contract price and is required to remain on the locker at all times. No personal locks will be permitted. If the UREC lock is lost or damaged, the member will be responsible for the lock replacement fee ($18).

Faculty, Staff, Emeriti Rental Prices:

  • Semester: $40
  • Academic Year: $80
  • Full Year: $100
FLEX Information

There is a DART machine located in the UREC lobby that participants can utilize to deposit money into their FLEX account. This DART machine also provides DART cards. Visitors and participants can purchase the cards out of the DART machine for $1 ($0.75 for the card and $0.25 credit put on the card). They can then put money on them to use for FLEX charges. For more information about FLEX, visit Campus Card Services.

If you are purchasing a locker rental, take care to only purchase the length of rental that you are certain you will use. Refunds will not be granted due to separation or change in status with the University.

Questions about locker rentals? Visit the Equipment Center or contact the Assistant Director for Member Services.

Locker Policies

JAC and URAC holders can rent lockers on a semester, academic or yearly basis. UREC offers both general and faculty/staff locker room options. Participants are expected to follow all UREC PoliciesUniversity Policies and locker room policies posted below and in the facility.

The contents of the locker will be removed at closing of the day the contract expires. Participants must keep track of their locker rental expiration date, because we are not always able to send out reminder emails. If you are renewing a locker, you must complete a new contract. 

UREC is not responsible for personal belongings or valuables left unsecured in the locker room. Personal items may not be hung on the exterior of the locker (i.e., bathing suits, towels, etc.). Please use the high speed extractor machine to remove water from your swimsuit before storing in lockers. 

Children ages 5 and over are not permitted in the opposite gender locker rooms. Universal Changing Rooms are now available near both locker rooms.

The use of any type of camera in locker rooms is prohibited.  

2021-22 Contact Dates:

  • Fall Semester: August 25 - December 18, 2021
  • Spring Semester: January 3 - May 14, 2022
  • Academic Year: August 25, 2021 - May 14, 2022
  • Summer Semester: May 15 - August 19, 2022
  • Full Year: Expires one year from date of rental

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