Treatment Programs At A Glance

The Counseling Center offers several 5-week specialized treatment programs to assist JMU students in reducing anxiety symptoms, increasing resiliency, and improving self-care. These programs include numerous evidence-based strategies and interventions. They are one of the quickest ways to reduce symptoms and access clinical services.

Specialized Treatment Programs

The Counseling Center treatment programs meet for 50 minutes weekly, for a total of 5 sessions. They are structured workshops, similar to a classroom lecture, for between 4-8 participants. This is not a group counseling experience. You do not have to disclose personal information and process. This experience is similar to taking a course on decreasing anxiety and improving functioning. For many students who participate, they experience enough of a symptom reduction, they do not need additional clinical services. However, participants can discuss additional services with their facilitator. These programs are highly recommended as a quick and efficient way to reduce symptoms and feel better fast. Much of the program content is also available in online self-guided modules in TAO or in our self-help resources.

Tackling Anxiety

Do you:

  • Experience excessive anxiety?
  • Have episones of abrupt and extreme discompfort of panic?
  • Avoid people or situations because of your anxiety?
  • Have intense physical symptoms like heart palpitations, chest pain, or nausea?
  • Worry excessively about embarassing yourself in front of people or being criticized or negatively judged by them?
  • Find it difficult to stop worrying and have trouble relaxing?
  • Find yourself worrying when things are going well in your life and there is nothing specific to worry about?

If you do, then Tackling Anxiety is for you!

Tackling Anxiety treatment program handout
Tackling Anxiety helps reduce anxiety, worry, nervousness, and panic.
reSET Perfectionism

Do you:

  • Experience intense anxiety, distress, or self-critism if you make a mistake or do not get a perfect grade?
  • Feel like what you accomplish is never quite good enough?
  • Procrastinate on assignments because they have to be just right?
  • Feel less than others if you do not give more than 100% on everything you do?
  • Often feel pressured to meet expectations others have for you?
  • Overcommit yourself because you struggle to say no, fear letting others down, or feel guilty when you have free time?

If you do, then ReSET Perfectionism is for you!

ReSET Perfectionism Treatment Program handout
ReSET Perfectionism helps reduce the pressure to meet expectations.
From Nope2Cope.pngFrom Nope2Cope helps increase healthy effective coping strategies to manage distress, improve mood, and reduce anxiety.

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