Welcome to Scotland!

Welcome to the the GenEd Summer Semester in Scotland Program! This exciting program is open to all majors and will take students on the journey of a lifetime! Classes are taught by JMU professors and also professors from University of Edinburgh and University of St. Andrews, two of the best and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. This program has strong experiential learning structure which allows students to apply all that they are learning by engaging with their new surroundings in Scotland.

On this page, you will find all the information about this innovative opportunity, covering academic requirements and expectations, accommodations, important deadlines, and much more!

Program Director
Raymond “Skip” Hyser, hyserrm@jmu.edu, 540-568-6043

Updates and Notifications

Students are responsible for making travel arrangements to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Roundtrip airfare is in addition to tuition and program fees.

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