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Semester in Scotland (Summer)

Tuition and fees for the Semester in Scotland include university tuition for the required number of credit hours (13 credits) based on residency and a supplemental program fee. This combination of fees will cover enrollment in classes, housing, board (most meals), excursion lodging and transportation, admissions and entry fees, books, and other program activities. 

Tuition: For updated tuition amounts for summer terms, please see the University Business Office chart for the correct breakdown based on residency.

Supplemental program fee: $5,500

Scotland Summer Cost - Example




Tuition (13 credits)



Program Fee







Important Notes
  • Study Abroad program fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  • For additional explanation of fees, see our expanded tuition and fees page.
  • Before committing to the program, be sure to consult our deposit and cancellation policies related to the fee structure.


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