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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, offering both medieval charm and the cultural amenities of a modern city. Visits around the city include the Castle, the Scotch Whiskey Experience, visits to the National Galleries, St. Giles Cathedral and for those who dare, a ghost tour to Greyfriars Cemetery, haunted by the infamous McKenzie Poltergeist. The Edinburgh Airport is a major gateway for international travel (with plenty of low-cost airlines operating across Europe).

Golf, ancient buildings, and the prestigious University of St. Andrews dominate the quaint town of St Andrews. Founded in 1413, the University of St Andrews is Scotland’s first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world. From St. Andrews, we will be visiting some of Britain’s most beautiful castles, go hiking in the Highlands, visit Loch Ness, have a cèilidh in the local pubs and enjoy Scotland’s great outdoors, which includes kayaking in the North Sea, wandering along sea-side cliffs, and visiting a puffin colony.


Visits, tours and excursions are planned across Scotland and will complement the courses. Excursions will include visits to Stirling Castle, Wallace Monument, Bannockburn, Glamis Castle, Falkland Palace and Lomond Hills. Pack your waterproof boots for a hike in the Borders Region, Trossachs and a visit to Melrose Abbey, Loch Ness, Lin and the Highlands, Linlithgow Palace (birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots). Field trips for the geology course at the University of St. Andrews include the Highland Boundary Fault, Siccar Point and numerous breathtaking sites across the Highlands. Transportation and entrance fees for all excursions and field trips is included in the program fees

You are free to leave on free weekends after all classes and scheduled events have ended. You are required to return for Monday’s classes. You should leave an itinerary with the JMU professor in Edinburgh or St. Andrews, and if possible, contact information (names and phone numbers) so we can contact you in case of emergency. Students are advised to take the JMU professors’ telephone numbers when they travel and keep an emergency money supply for the last day/night of the trip.


In Edinburgh, students will live in Brea House, which is a self-catered student accommodation ideal for those who want to live close to the heart of the city. From Brea House, students can walk to the city’s historic district and to the classrooms. Each student has their own room and bathroom. Students will cook their own meals in a communal kitchen near their room; a weekly meal stipend is provided to each student. 

In St. Andrews, students will live in University hall, which is a university owned and run student residence hall. It is centrally located near the university gym, the Old Course and the main shopping area on Market Street.  Each student will have their own room and bathroom.  Students will eat their meals in a dining hall

All accommodations will include furnished bedrooms, with sheets and pillows provided, a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Communal facilities include a library with a computer room, study rooms, a common room, and two TV rooms with one containing a piano.

For more information about the University of St. Andrews, visit the official website

The JMU program provides transportation from Edinburgh Airport to Brae House, from Edinburgh to St Andrews, and from St Andrews to Edinburgh Airport at the end of the program. 

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