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  • Semester in Antwerp

    Antwerp, Belgium

    Study principles of business in a European context, and earn a Concentration in European Business, while living in one of Europe’s most historical and progressive cities. As part of your program of study, you will take trips to several major European cities and visit their businesses, governmental institutions, and cultural sites. Live at the Montpelier House, only one block away from the...
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  • Semester in London

    London, England

    In the Semester in London Program, you will study and examine the great works while exploring how history influences the present in Europe's most cosmopolitan city. Our professors take you there, giving you the background and resources to inform your own discovery. Students participating in this program will take 16 credits for the fall or spring semesters or 13 credits for the summer program....
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  • Semester in Florence

    Florence, Italy

    JMU’s Semester in Florence highlights the cultural richness of the city of Florence and of Italy more broadly. Students encounter Renaissance art, Tuscan hospitality, Italian business, Dante's literature, and an array of Italian social institutions. No previous background in the Italian language is required. All students take at least three credit hours of Italian while in Florence. While...
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  • Semester in Salamanca

    Salamanca, Spain

    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer, JMU’s Semester In Salamanca (SIS) program provides a rich academic and cultural experience, with well-qualified, dedicated faculty from the University of Salamanca (USAL). The SIS offers students a unique educational experience that effectively combines academic work with extensive exploration of the city and around Spain. In addition to academic...
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  • International Finance

    Antwerp, Brussels, Belgium

    This three-credit course will expose students to exchange rates, international business, and economic policy with a strong application in worldwide issues. Students will learn how firms operate and compete internationally and adapt to a rapidly changing environment, all while experiencing the European culture, business and history in Antwerp, the diamond center of Europe.Classroom lectures are...
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  • Exploring the Good Life in Scandinavia

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    In this program, we'll consider the personal, environmental, and cultural factors that promote happiness and well-being. Through readings, class discussions, and lectures from local experts, students will gain a deeper understanding of the nature and experience of happiness. They will also consider how views of "a well-lived life" differ across cultures. Class excursions will offer a first-hand...
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  • Art and Food on the French Riviera

    Nice, France

    This 6-credit, 4-week program is open to all undergraduate students who wish to experience the French Riviera while taking cultural and artistic classes. Based in the beautiful city of Nice, hub of the French Riviera by the Mediterranean sea, the program offers on site-classes complemented by homestay with host families, providing a safe environment for our students. The food of Provence is an...
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  • Food and Culture of France

    Paris, Beaune, France

    This 3-week summer course in Paris and Beaune, France explores the history and impact of French food on contemporary culture. Through a wide range of experiences and on-site lectures, students will be exposed to the history of French cuisine and its importance in the modern dining experience. Students will visit historical and cultural sites that help to demonstrate the history of France and...
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  • JMU Internship in Germany

    Berlin, Germany

    Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? This is the program for you. Students will have the opportunity to intern in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, German studies, and economics. The internships take place in Berlin, Germany's capital...
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  • New Dukes Abroad: The Exploration of Migration and Culture in Germany

    Frankfurt an der Oder, Berlin, Poznań, Germany, Poland

    This program is uniquely designed for incoming freshman and transfer students and focuses on the societal challenges related to migration in Germany and Poland. Students embark on an in-depth exploration of the history, culture, and support of refugees in the surrounding areas. Students engage in guest lectures, site visits and excursions, and interact with local and international students....
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  • JMU Philosophy in Ancient Greece

    Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Athens, Greece

    We invite you to join us in an exploration of the world of the Ancient Greeks. Our program will consist of two main parts: half will be devoted to providing a broad overview of Ancient and Hellenistic Greek philosophy and history, and half will focus on more specific Ancient Greek philosophical puzzles and paradoxes. No background in any of these fields is necessary. All that’s required...
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  • Mediterranean Marvels

    Athens, Rome, Venice, Ajaccio, Nice, Greece, Italy, Corsica, France

    The Mediterranean Sea has been a dynamic crossroad for people, goods, and ideas for thousands of years. Beginning in Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy and continuing to Venice and Nice, France, this short-term study abroad class will introduce students to the culture and intellectual traditions of the Mediterranean world with an emphasis on cross-cultural heritage. In this culturally immersive...
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  • Ireland, Irish Art and Culture & Fiber Arts at the Burren School of Art

    Ballyvaughan, Ireland

    Experience the magical culture and nature of Ireland while earning 6 credit hours in 3 weeks.In the spring and prior to departure, you will attend either virtual or in-person workshops to begin completing projects and coursework.At our home base of Burren College of Art, you will explore the Burren region, famous for its natural beauty and unique limestone-based ecosystem, including the Cliffs...
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  • JMU Internship in Ireland

    Dublin, Ireland

    Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? Want to expand your cultural competency without navigating a language barrier? The JMU Internship in Ireland is for you. This program is open to all majors and provides internships experience in your field. Students have interned in a variety of fields, including marketing, music education, business, tourism, information...
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  • Ireland: Sports Medicine and Culture (Spring Break)

    Dublin, Ireland

    This study abroad experience is for graduate students enrolled in the JMU Athletic Training program. It will expose students to the unique sport culture of Ireland, while also learning about injuries associated with those sports and the medical care system. A combination of formal learning via lectures and interactive labs provided by sport physiotherapists, team physicians and athletic...
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  • Examining 'La Dolce Vita' through Cross-Cultural Psychology in Italy

    Perugia, Florence, Italy

    Have you always wanted to visit Italy? You are not alone! Why is it that so many people throughout the world want to visit and live in this beautiful country? Maybe you need to go there to understand! Then, when you return, perhaps you can implement into your life ideas such as daily pauses, healthy eating (which includes pasta and gelato), and the Italian way of living each day fully with...
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  • Michelangelo's Italy

    Florence, Rome, Italy

    Michelangelo’s Italy provides first-hand knowledge of the art and architecture of Italy through on-site visits to the archeological sites, monuments, and museums of Florence and Rome. We begin our study by tracing Michelangelo’s origins in Florence, a city still devoted to its most famous son. Often referred to as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is celebrated for its...
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  • Multimedia Storytelling In Urbino Italy

    Urbino, Italy

    The Urbino, Italy program engages students in a six credit four-week cross-cultural experience that includes the creation of a multimedia storytelling project, and the examination of Italian cinema, media and culture. All students will take SMAD 398 for three credits. Students will select between SMAD 305-1 and SMAD 305-2 for the additional three credits. Students will work with JMU professors...
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  • Foundations of Western Culture: Venice, Italy through the Ages

    Venice, Italy

    Upcoming Info Session  February 8: 5:00pm - 6:00pm Zoom Password 334394 Experience Venice, Italy, one of the most unique and culturally rich cities in the world, through this three-credit course designed to help students explore the arts and humanities through interaction with one of Europe’s premier city-states. For over 1,000 years, La Serenissima – the republic of Venice...
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  • Organized Crime, Feminism, & Resistance Movements in Sicily & Southern Italy

    Palermo, Sicily, Reggio Calabria, Naples, Ischia, Rome, Italy

    This interdisciplinary study abroad program examines Organized Crime and Anti-Mafia movements in Southern Italy. Students may choose between two courses-- JUST 301 or ENG 221, offering curricular approaches from a social science perspective. Assignments and readings will be unique to each course, but the sociocultural content of our travel experiences will be shared. Both courses will explore...
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  • The Malta Experience: Exploring Sustainability and Resilience through Collaboration

    Sliema, Malta

    Join us in "The Malta Experience: Exploring Sustainability and Resilience through Collaboration," one of JMU’s longest-running short-term study abroad programs. Over four enriching weeks, you'll become part of an interdisciplinary group of students set to explore Malta, delving into its environment, geography, culture, history, and politics with a lens of sustainability.Situated at the...
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  • Dutch Art, Design, and the Humanities

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Upcomin Info Session  February 8: 11:00am - 1:00pm Zoom This study abroad program is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with excursions in Rotterdam, Haarlem and The Hague. Dutch art, design, and culture are central to the core of the program. We'll explore the rich past of Amsterdam from the 17th century to the present. For Art, this starts with the Golden Age of Dutch painting and...
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  • Sociology in Spain: The Forging of Ethnic Identities

    Madrid, Seville, Cáceres, Granada, Spain

    Come with us to Madrid and Seville to explore Spain’s diverse cultural heritage!  This three-credit program will provide the necessary perspective for understanding modern day Spain’s complex social dynamics. In Madrid, we will visit to the world-renowned Prado Museum and then, we will travel to Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Afterwards, we will explore the medieval city...
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  • JMU Internship in Spain

    Valencia, Spain

    This program is perfect for students who want to complete an internship for their major while also enhancing Spanish language skills. On this program, students have the opportunity to intern in a wide range of industries including (but not limited to!) accounting, design, marketing, education, politics, anthropology, IT, hospitality management, communication, law, health/medical, and the...
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  • Interdisciplinary Performance - Art, Dance, and Music in Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Salamanca, Spain

    Open to dance and music majors, this program is an immersive exploration of the art of Ben Shahn, a renowned artist whose social-realist vision influenced his approach to creativity. Students will participate in a 7-week rehearsal process, live performances, museum visits, and artwork research. Dance students will be rehearsing the choreography for the performance in the Reina Sophia Museum...
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  • Global Leadership: Spanish Intellectuals

    Salamanca, Spain

    This course will be a study of the major writers and intellectuals that are part of the generation known as the Generation of ’98. This generation emerged from the national conflict produced in Spain as a consequence of the defeat in the Spanish American War (1898). We will read, analyze and discuss works specially from one of the major representatives of the generation: Miguel de Unamuno...
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  • Global Healthcare Europe: Spain and Czech Republic

    Alicante, Prague, Spain, Czech Republic

    Are you interested in a career in healthcare, public health, or public policy? Do you wonder why our healthcare system is the way it is and why it’s not more like the universal healthcare systems that you hear about in other countries? Every country in the world takes a different approach to designing and implementing their healthcare systems. What better way to learn about varying...
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  • Scandinavian Design and Sustainability

    Malmö, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Sweden, Denmark

    Welcome to "Scandinavian Design and Sustainability", a four-week immersive program that explores the intersection of design and sustainability in Sweden and Denmark. This program is created for designers, including Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Architectural Design, and Engineering. Our program is based in Malmö, Sweden, which is the third-largest city of the country and situated at...
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  • Marketing in Greece and Turkey

    Bodrum, Turkey, Greek Islands

    For marketing majors who want to learn consumer behavior and services marketing, this cross-cultural study experience will provide an excellent opportunity to learn and apply these into a global context. A combination of lectures and guest speaker interaction will be used to examine and analyze consumer behavior and services marketing. Emphasis will be understanding how consumer behavior...
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  • Dual Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Culture

    Salamanca, Spain | Harrisonburg, VA | Online

    Dual Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Culture         for Educators and Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language   Dual Master’s Degree in Education at James Madison University (JMU), United States and University of Salamanca (USAL), Spain. The program leads to a Master in Education (M.Ed.) with a concentration in Spanish Language and...
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