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Section 1: Semester Programs

Tuition and fees for JMU Semester Abroad Programs include full-time university tuition based on residency, room, board, and a supplemental program fee. This combination of fees will cover full-time enrollment in classes, housing, board (most or all meals), excursion lodging and transportation, admissions and entry fees, books, and other program activities. Consult program directors for complete details. Supplemental program fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation.

*It is important to note that airfare to and from your destination is not included in the fees.

Total costs are calculated using rates as determined by the University, but each study abroad program uses the total combination of fees from tuition, room & board, and program fee to cover program expenses and is not bound by the specific amounts for each category.

Tuition and fees rates are established by the JMU Board of Visitors in late spring for the following academic year. See UBO Chart for breakdown by JMU starting term.

Tuition Differential and Course Fees

  • All College of Business (COB) classes will charge an additional $50 per credit hour. For information on the tuition differential for COB, please go to COB's website.
  • All Nursing classes will charge an additional $90 per credit hour. For information on the tuition differential for Nursing please go to Nursing's website.
  • Course fees are assigned by each individual department.

Financial aid and scholarships based on merit, need, and other criteria are available to JMU students.

Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and cannot be deferred to other study abroad programs. 

Basic formula: Add the supplemental program fee to the cost of full-time tuition resident student with a 14-meal plan.

Tuition, Room and Board Fees for 2018-19
  Virginia Resident Non-Virginia Resident

Undergraduate tuition
Rate for students entering JMU
before Fall 2018

See UBO chart for breakdown.

$5,693 $14,050
Room and Board $5,046 $5,046
Total by Residency $10,739 $19,096
Supplemental Program Fees and Total Charges
  Program Fee
Antwerp $6,500
Florence $5,500
London $5,500
Salamanca $5,500
Total Resident and Program Fees 2018-2019
  Virginia Total Non-Virginia Total
Antwerp $17,239 $25,596
Florence $16,239 $24,596
London $16,239 $24,596
Salamanca $16,239 $24,596

Additional Courses Costs

Students may enroll in the required number of credit hours from the list of courses for which activities, admissions, and transportation costs are included at no additional charge. Additional fees apply to the Semester in London internship course; students will be billed based on course enrollment in MyMadison; see fees below.

Course Description Fee
IDLS 486 Perspective on Experiential Learning Abroad (3 cr) $600
IDLS 486 Perspective on Experiential Learning Abroad (6 cr) $600
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