Serves as the final faculty and administrative body to review and recommend to the president and board of visitors curricular matters related to the entire university (e.g., degree requirements; major changes within the general education program; and the addition, deletion and significant modifications of all programs).

If interested in attending the meetings to hear program proposal presentations, please contact Florian Buchholz at

2022 - 2023 Committee Members


Sarah MacDonald, University Studies

Faculty/Staff (3 Faculty Senators):

Kathy Ott Walter, College of Health and Behavioral Studies

Leslie Harlacker, College of Arts and Letters

Samuel Morton, College of Integrated Science and Engineering

1 Faculty Member by each College Curriculum Committee:

College of Arts and Letters, Leigh Nelson

College of Business, Jaideep Chowdhury (fall); Hui Sono (spring)

College of Education, Bryan Zugelder

College of Health and Behavioral Studies, Kevin Apple

College of Integrated Science and Engineering, Dudley Bonsal

College of Science and Mathematics, Scott Lewis

College of Visual and Performing Arts, Andy Connell

University Studies, Sarah MacDonald

2 Faculty Members by Graduate Council:

Scott Gallagher


1 Member by Library & Educational Technologies:

Nicole Wilson

1 Member by General Education Council:

Sarah Brooks

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Heather Coltman (represented by Paula Maxwell)

2 College Deans:

Mark L'Esperance, College of Education

Mike Busing, College of Business

Graduate Student: (1 by Grad Council)

Tanya Corcuera

Student: (1 by SGA)

Ethan Hoffman

2021-22 End of Year Report



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