This Council is charged with coordinating and providing campus-wide oversight of efforts for promoting health and well-being at JMU.  

2023 - 2024 Committee Members


Kristina Blyer

Julia Wallace Carr


Quentin Alexander

Robin Anderson

Amanda Bodle

Bailey Bowers

Anne Brenneman

Cannie Campbell

Kathleen Campbell

Jennifer Campfield

Ritter Clevenger

Heather Coltman

Heather Davis

Danette Gibbs

Kathe Goller

Jenn Grossman-Leopard

Jessica Hopkins

Gilpatrick Hornsby

Veronica Jones

Sharon Lovell

Paul Mabry

Markita Madden

Joy Martin

Anthony Matos

Tim Miller

Laura Minnich Lockery

Rudy Molina

Josh Montanez

Kethera Moore

Towana Moore

David Onestak

Chris Orem

Casey Ouren

Jenn Phillips

DeAndrae Powell

Meg Sander

Debbie Sturm

Tara Torkelson

Mary-Hope Vass

Student Members:

Kevin Cottrell

Virginia Clair Sumner

Lauren Mickles 

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