2023 - 2024 Committee Members

Reviews and makes recommendations regarding the university's traffic and parking policies and regulations.


Craig Short, AVP, Business Services


Robin Bryan, AVP, Information Technology

Alex Gabbin, faculty, College of Business

Rose Gray, English Department, Co-chair, Parking Appeals Committee

Leslie Harlacker, Sociology & Anthropology

Tish Leeth, Cash and Investments

Ben Lundy, Parking and Transit Services, Special Events

Tony Matos, JMU Chief of Police

Gary Shears, Facilities Management

John Skelly, Off-Campus Life, Co-Chair, Parking Appeals Committee

Cathy Snyder, faculty, College of Business

Paul Warne, faculty, Mathematics & Statistics

Janet Wigglesworth, Kinesiology

Michael Yankey, faculty, College of Business

Bill Yates, Parking and Transit Services


Students (3):

To be named

To be named

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Graduate Student:

To be named

2022-23 End of Year Report

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