2022 - 2023 Committee Members

Reviews and makes recommendations regarding the university's traffic and parking policies and regulations.


Towana Moore, Vice President, Administration & Finance


Robin Bryan, AVP, Information Technology

Alex Gabbin, faculty, College of Business

Rose Gray, English Department, Co-chair, Parking Appeals Committee

Leslie Harlacker, Sociology & Anthropology

Tish Leeth, Cash and Investments

Ben Lundy, Parking and Transit Services, Special Events

Tony Matos, JMU Chief of Police

Dinesh Sharma, Mathematics & Statistics

Gary Shears, Facilities Management

John Skelly, Off-Campus Life, Co-Chair, Parking Appeals Committee

Cathy Snyder, faculty, College of Business

Paul Warne, faculty, Mathematics & Statistics

Michael Yankey, faculty, College of Business

Bill Yates, Parking and Transit Services


Students (3):

To be named

To be named

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Graduate Student:

To be named

2021-22 End of Year Report

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