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Presidential Commission and Committees of the University and their chairs are listed below.


Graduate Council - Chair, Dr. Linda Thomas


Athletic Advisory Committee - Dr. Roger Soenksen

Committee on Academic Programs - Dr. Sarah MacDonald

Employee Advisory Committee -

Co-Chair, Ben Lundy

Co-Chair, Matt Phillippi

Honor Council Advisory Board - Dr. Michael Yankey

Honorary Degree Committee - Dr. Heather Coltman

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee - Dr. Chris Lantz

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Chair, Dr. Terrie Rife

Vice Chair, to be named

Institutional Review Board for Research Using Human Subjects -

Chair, Dr. Lindsey Harvell-Bowman

Vice Chair, Dr. Smita Mathur

Intellectual Property Committee - Dr. Howard Carrier

JMU Campus-Wide Accessibility Committee - 

Co Chair - Valerie Schoolcraft

Co-Chair - Gary Shears

JMU Safety Committee - Chief Tony Matos

President's Council on Health and Well-being -

Chair - Kristina Blyer

Chair - Hollie Hall

Chair - Julia Wallace Carr

Presidential Coalition to End Sexual Violence at JMU -

Chair - Lexie Burns

Chair - Hollie Hall

Chair - Gray McDevitt

Chair - Tim Miller

Chair - Renee Staton

Media Board - Dr. Sian White

Parking Advisory Committee - Ms. Towana Moore

Parking Appeals Committee -

Co-Chair, Ms. Rose Gray

Co-Chair, Mr. John Skelly

Residency Appeals Committee - Ms. Donna Crumpton

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