2022 - 2023 Committee Members

Exercises various responsibilities in connection with the operation of the university's honor system.



Michael Yankey, faculty, College of Business



Leslie Purtlebaugh, Designee for Academic Affairs

Steve Baedke, faculty, Geology and Environmental Science

Theresa Enyeart Smith, Health Sciences 

Masoud Kaveh Baghbadorani, HC Coordinator, Physics

Orlandrew Danzell, The Graduate School

John Peterson, School of Music

Joy Myers, faculty, College of Education

Valerie Schoolcraft, Designee for Student Affairs



Evan Holden, HC President

Joseph Horowitz, HC Vice President

Jameson Balda, HC Investigator

Amy Beladia, HC Investigator

Namchi Dao, HC Investigator

Nornye Douglas, HC Investigator

Carlin Bumparner, SGA

Lindsey Lubin, Graduate Student



Jack Knight

2021-22 End of Year Report

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