2022 - 2023 Committee Members

Reviews faculty/student research involving human subjects. 


Lindsey Harvell-Bowman, faculty, Communication Studies

Vice Chair

Smita Mathur, faculty, Education Programs


Santo Coleman, faculty, Health Sciences

Laura Dengo, Health Sciences

Laura Desportes Bowman, faculty, Education Programs

Amy Graham, Nursing

V Kagey, Information Technology

Richard Lawler, Sociology and Anthropology

Andrea Martinez-Gonzalez, Communication Studies

Ben Meade (alternate), faculty, Justice Studies

David Peterson, CoB - Management (spring only)

Rita Poteyeva, Justice Studies

Eric Pyle, Geology & Environmental Science

Tobias Reynolds-Tylus (alternate), Communication Studies

Lara Sapp, Libraries

Carolyn Strong (ex-officio), Research Integrity

Brian Sullivan (alternate), Libraries

Amanda Teye, Political Science

Carrie Tillman (ex-officio alternate), Research Integrity

Angela Webb, Education Programs

Chris Womack, Kinesiology


Institutional Official

Dr. Heather Coltman

Student Representative

Peter Montwill

Community Representatives

Dr. Betsy Early, Harrisonburg Community Health Center 

Ms. Helen Young, Sentara RMH

2021-22 End of Year Report

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