NOTE: If classes have begun (semester started), please click here to complete the Non-Return/Leave of Absence Notice. Failure to complete the correct form to notify JMU of your cancellation/withdrawal may result in delays. Contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions about which form to complete.

Freshman/Transfer Cancellation Notice

Once the form is submitted electronically, the process will consist of dropping your classes (if enrolled) and discontinuing you in the system. You will lose access to MyMadison, Canvas, JACard, and other campus services when completed. You will be notified through the preferred email provided in the electronic form within five business days of submission.

Follow the purple guide to help you navigate through the cancellation process. If you not affiliated with any of these offices, you may proceed to the next step.

If you are withdrawing from JMU after the census date, you may be responsible for all tuition, fees, etc. on your billing account.  

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 540-568-4663
Location: Huffman Hall (Village Area)

If you currently live on campus, you will need to check out of your residence hall room with your RA or Hall Director. Be sure to contact the Office of Residence Life if you have questions about the move-out process, or visit their website.

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Phone: 540-568-7820
Location: Student Success Center, 5th Floor

If you have financial aid, or scholarships at JMU, please note that financial aid eligibility can change as a result of withdrawing from all of your classes. Students may be subject to Federal Return of Title IV Funds regulations, which could require an immediate repayment of all, or part of, the financial aid funds you received during the term from which you are withdrawing.Visit this link for more financial aid information regarding a withdraw from JMU:

University Business Office
Phone: 540-568-6505
Location: Student Success Center, 5th Floor

Before leaving the University, make sure that you have no holds on your account related to your finances. You can verify any balance on your M3 account, or contact the University Business Office directly to resolve any holds. 

Finalizing your account can take up to a month. Once your account is finalized if there is a balance, you will be mailed a billing statement. If you have a refund it will be processed through your BankMobile preference. Make sure your preference is setup before submitting your withdrawal. Follow the link for more information about refunds:


Parking Services
Phone: 540-568-3300
Location: 280 Champions Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 (1st Floor of Champions Parking Deck)

If you have a student parking permit, you may qualify for a prorated refund once you withdraw from the University. Contact Parking Services for more information about the process.  

Card Services
Phone: 540-568-6446
Location: Student Success Center, 2nd Floor

If you have a Meal Plan, Dining Dollars Gold, or Flex money, you may qualify for a prorated refund once you withdraw from the University. Contact Card Services for more information about the process.

Office of Admissions
Phone: 540-568-5681
Location: Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall), 1st Floor

The Office of Admissions will process a Tuition Deposit Refund if your Freshman/Transfer Cancellation Notice is submitted prior to your refund date indicated on your Tuition Deposit Invoice. If you have questions about your deposit refund, contact the Office of Admissions. 

Requests for a Tuition Deposit Refund after the refund date indicated on your Invoice must be submitted to the Dean of Admissions by submitting the Tuition Deposit Refund form.


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