For 2022, COB 300 faculty selected 12 plans from over 100 completed by students during the 2021 spring, summer and fall semesters. These plans were then reviewed and evaluated by three preliminary round judges, and five teams were selected to participate in this year’s competition.

COB 300 Coordinator


"As a result of working in teams, they're exposed to conflict ... which they'll be exposed to in business later on. How they resolve working with one another and how much each person does and how they divide their work is critically important." -Fernando Pargas, COB 300 Coordinator 


COB 300 Faculty
Gizem Atav

Dr. Gizem Atav

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Bob Eliason

Mr. Robert G. Eliason

Lecturer, Business Management


Mr. Stephen Hertzenberg

Lecturer, Marketing

Wilson Liu - 2021

Dr. Wilson Liu

Professor, Finance and Business Law

Bob McMillen - 2021

Mr. Robert McMillen

Lecturer, Marketing

Raktim Pal

Dr. Raktim Pal

Professor, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Marshall Pattie

Dr. Marshall W. Pattie

Professor, Business Management

Ron Rubin - 2019

Mr. Ron Rubin

Lecturer, Finance

Amy Strunk - 2020

Ms. Amy Strunk

Lecturer, Marketing

Laurent Tchommo

Mr. Laurent Tchommo

Lecturer, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Mert Tokman - 2021

Dr. Mert Tokman

Professor, Marketing and MBA Programs; Global Supply Chain Management Minor, Program Co-coordinator; Kenneth R. Bartee Endowed Professor

Elham Torabi

Dr. Elham Torabi

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Adam Usman

Dr. Adam Usman

Assistant Professor, Finance

Yuyun Zhong - 2021

Dr. Yuyun Zhong

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems

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