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For 2021, COB 300 faculty selected 18 plans from over 100 completed by students during the 2020 spring and fall semesters. These plans were then reviewed and evaluated by three preliminary round judges, and five teams were selected to participate in this year’s competition.

2021 Jackson-Rainey Business Plan Competition Results
1st Place: Eco Brik

Eco Brick sells bricks made from up-cycled plastic retrieved from the ocean to construction companies that have the desire to be environmentally conscious.

Team Members:
  • Colin Chmelko ('22), Marketing
  • Andrew Little ('21), Finance
  • Emma Ong ('22), Accounting
  • Talia Pavese ('22), Marketing
  • Santiago Salas ('22), International Business, Marketing concentration
  • Robert Vega ('21), Computer Information Systems

 2nd Place: PepperSafe, Inc.

PepperSafe, Inc. is committed to providing instant self-defense for women in our sleek, lightweight pepper spray necklace.

Team Members:
  • Cullen Bowles ('22), Computer Information Systems
  • Julia Dalton ('22), Marketing
  • Tom Gallagher ('22), Management
  • Jack Kelly ('22), Finance
  • Davis Mesmer ('22), Computer Information Systems
  • Andrew Porter ('22), Management
  • Sydney Spevak ('22), Management
  • Promise Yost ('22), Marketing

 3rd Place: Paw Control

Paw Control is a company that builds trusting relationships between the dog and owner. We accomplish this by providing customers with user friendly advantages to training, monitoring, and access to an exclusive social media platform.

Team Members:

 4th Place: ChildCheck

ChildCheck is a manufacturing business that produces Safety Bracelets for children ages one to seven.

Team Members:

 5th Place: Blueteeth, LLC

Blueteeth is committed to manufacturing and distributing quality Bluetooth transmitters that enable consumers to connect multiple devices that have Bluetooth connectivity to one main device.

Team Members:
Additional Awards

Team Award: Paw Control

Individual MVPs: Promise Yost, Andrew Richter, Talia Pavese, Andrew Little, Sydney Spevak

Ferguson Top Female Leader Award: Paige Rufulo

The Accenture Innovation Award for best idea : Eco Brick

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