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  • Semester in London

    London, England

    In the Semester in London Program, you will study and examine the great works while exploring how history influences the present in Europe's most cosmopolitan city. Our professors take you there, giving you the background and resources to inform your own discovery. Students participating in this program will take 16 credits for the fall or spring semesters or 13 credits for the summer program....
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  • Semester in Scotland

    Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Scotland

    Students participating in the GenEd Summer Semester in Scotland Program will spend four weeks in Edinburgh and four weeks in St. Andrews. The program is open to all majors. JMU faculty and professors from the University of Edinburgh and University of St. Andrews teach the classes. It is a wonderful experience to take Scottish Literature from a Scottish professor, or learn about geology from...
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  • The Age of Enlightenment in London

    London, England

    This 3+ week-long program in London, UK allows students to explore and experience one of the world’s greatest cities while completing two General Education classes (covering clusters 2 and 3). These classes share a common objective: exploring the way that the Age of Enlightenment (ca. 1660-1818) radically changed the way people think about their world—specifically, how a new,...
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  • UK Linguistics

    York, England

    Linguistics UK is an immersive study of language in the diverse linguistic environment of York, England. Each student will take a Linguistics course (CSD 490) team-taught by Dr. DePaolis and a local linguist affiliated with the University of York’s Department of Language and Linguistics. There are two sections of the course; one section for 3 credits, and the second section for 1...
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  • The Culture of Leisure in London and Dublin

    London, Dublin, England, Ireland

    Watch a recording of our Information Session on Feb 5th: View recording Passcode: Ds4S.fFr This course, entitled the Culture of Leisure in London and Dublin, explores historical and contemporary leisure and recreation phenomena within the context of these two cities. The international evolution of leisure is examined, as well as contemporary perspectives of leisure within and across...
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  • Global Perspectives on Civil Rights and Social Justice & Peace Studies in Ireland

    Dublin, Donegal, Ireland

    Global Perspectives on Civil Rights, Social Justice & Peace Studies offers an important socio-historical framework of the history of Ireland from pre-Christian to modern times. This syllabus includes a study of Gaelic Ireland, British Imperialism, Famine, Poverty, and Emigration, the Irish-American impact on the United States, Slavery, Civil Rights and Social Justice, Peace Studies and Conflict...
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  • Introduction to Adventure Program Management Ireland

    Dublin, Letterkenny, Bundoran, Kilarney, Ireland

    This three-credit Sports and Recreation Management elective course is open to all majors. The course is designed to introduce students to the field of outdoor adventure program management. The course will explore these topics from both the United States and Irish perspectives. The rationale and benefits of Adventure Education's application in recreational settings are explored. Program...
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  • Earth and Environmental Science in Ireland

    Clonbur, Galway, Ireland

    This course is an intensive, field-based experience with 3 credit hours in either Geology or Biology, lasting a little over two weeks in western Ireland. Working with faculty experienced in the varied environments of Connemara, you will have the chance to integrate Earth and Life Science inquiry experiences with a focus on not just field learning, but also how people influence and are...
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  • Communication, Conflict and Culture in Ireland

    Dublin, Derry/Londonderry, Galway, Ireland, Northern Ireland

    Students enrolled in this 6-credit program explore stories and communities of Ireland and Northern Ireland to reflect on the communication of conflict and identity in the Irish context. In weeks prior to departure, students complete reading and writing assignments made available on Canvas that introduce the social and political tensions of Northern Ireland's past and present, provide resources...
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  • University of Oxford

    Oxford, England

  • The University of Cambridge

    Cambridge, England

  • University of St. Andrews

    St Andrews, Scotland

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