Environmental stewardship


In JMU Facilities Management, the concept of sustainability bridges notions of society, economy, and environment—both natural and man-made—as dynamically interrelated issues.  Explicit in our actions and decision-making processes, the elevation of one aspect of sustainability at the expense of any of the others is to be avoided.  In that sense, sustainability at JMU is a constant balancing act. 

Facilities Management has become instrumental at JMU in the area of sustainability. Over the past years, Facilities Management has been heavily involved in supporting campus projects, collaborating with other departments, assisting outside consultants, and changing various internal operations and supplies. Our overall objective is to assist the university in becoming a leader in helping to preserve our natural resources and sustain a healthier environment.

By continually emphasizing the importance of the sustainability to our students, faculty, and staff, we hope to inspire others to adopt sustainable practices as stewards of the natural world guided by environmental, economical, and social responsibility.

Contributions include: 

Sustainability Venn Diagram-      Involvement with the development of the University's ESAP Plan

-      Collaboration with faculty and students

-      Energy efficiency programs

-      Conversion to Green Seal Products

-      Water conservation

-      Energy efficient equipment specifications

-      Composting food waste

-      Recycling

-      Establishing a landscape balance of sustainable plantings

-      Land use and management

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