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AssetWorks - AiM

AiM (AssetWorks) is the computerized maintenance management software system utilized on campus to track data related to our business function. Facilities Management processes over 45,000 work orders per year, maintains 2 stores locations, maintains building and asset files, processes work order procurement information and tracks projects with AiM. Billing reports are generated from AiM for billing our customers. Through remote web access to AiM, our customers can enter customer requests, which are then converted to work orders. For access to AiM, please read the Access section below.

Access to AiM

IT Training will facilitate the customer training for AiM. Training sessions last approximately 90 minutes. All sessions are located in MyMadison and may be found by searching for course numbers:

All customers must have training before they can enter requests in AiM to Facilities Management.

  1. Log into MyMadison and register for class: MyMadison

Completing the class does not automatically create a user account within AiM.

  1. After training is complete, please fill out request for access in the IT Service Portal.
  2. Access requests can be made in the IT Service Portal under Request Help>Administrative &
    Business>Facilities Management System (Aim)>Request Access.

If there are any connection problems with AssetWorks AiM, please contact:


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