1. General Operation: Operators should practice defensive driving by anticipating and observing the actions of other drivers and controlling the vehicle in a manner so as to avoid accidents.

  2. Official Use Only: Operators shall use fleet vehicles for official state business only.

  3. Relatives: Family members of state employees are permitted to ride in fleet vehicles only when travel is directly related to official state business.

  4. Hourly and Part-Time State Employees: An agency may permit students, part-time or hourly employees, and volunteers to state service to operate or ride in fleet vehicles if on official business for the agency.

  5. Hitchhikers and Pets: Hitchhikers and pets are not allowed to ride in any State vehicle.

  6. Smoking & Eating: Smoking is not allowed in state vehicles and eating is prohibited while driving.

  7. Compliance with Motor Vehicle Laws: No state vehicle may be used to transport alcoholic beverages unless it is operated by an employee of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board or other law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties.

  8. Parking and Storage of Fleet Vehicles: Individuals and agencies are responsible for secure and safe storage and parking of vehicles.

  9. Driving Under Adverse Weather Conditions: Operators who drive a fleet vehicle during adverse weather conditions are cautioned to take extreme care to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

  10. Loss of Fleet Vehicle Keys: James Madison University Transportation Department is not responsible for an cost associated with keys being lost, stolen or locked-in the vehicle.

  11. Seatbelts: Seatbelts must be used in accordance with state law. Customer is responsible for proper child seats in state vehicles.

  12. Cell Phones: Hand held cell phone usage, and or texting is prohibited while driving state vehicles.

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