• Mar 19: JMU Concert Band
  • Mar 21: Bridging Our Divides: Pluralism, Religion, and the Challenges of Polarization in American Democracy
  • Mar 21: A Reading & Conversation with Shane McCrae, Author of Pulling the Chariot of the Sun: A Memoir of a Kidnapping
  • Mar 22: Latino/a/x/e Citizenship and Labor Rights Keynote Event
  • Mar 22: Kitka
  • Mar 23: Movie Musical Magic
  • Mar 23: Movie Musical Magic

  • More Events

Starting August 16, 2023, drivers caught on camera speeding in the construction zone on East Market Street (Route 33, between M.L.K. Jr. Way and Burgess Road/Linda Lane) will be issued a $100 ticket. It is recommended that we simply make it a habit to avoid that area if at all possible when driving state vehicles. If we must drive through there, please encourage everyone to abide by the 25-mph speed limit. It is especially important to remind folks because it is the driver’s responsibility to pay the fines for any tickets (parking, speeding, etc.) received while driving a state vehicle. State funds are not used to pay these fines.

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